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Joshua Hedley Quits His Day Jobs in New ‘Broke Again’ Video

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Joshua Black Wilkins via New West Records)

This guy is on a roll lately. Last Friday, he dropped his rendition of Roger Miller’s “River in the Rain” as the third single from his upcoming album. Today, Joshua Hedley gave us the official music video for “Broke Again.”

Earlier this month, I spoke to Hedley about the upcoming record and his love of country music in general. At one point during our conversation, he said that being a musician is the only job he’s ever held. In his new video, Joshua Hedley shows us just how unfit he is for the 9-to-5 grind. At the same time, “Broke Again” gives fans of good country music another reason to count the days until Neon Blue drops on April 22nd.  

Joshua Hedley Quits Several Day Jobs in the “Broke Again” Video

The new video sees Joshua Hedley in a series of day jobs. From construction to cubicles, office work to flipping burgers, he’s like a round peg being hammered into a square hole. He just doesn’t fit. While the video is somewhat autobiographical, it’s also hilarious. As the video goes on, things just keep getting worse – and funnier – in each of the jobs. Seriously, if you’re fighting a case of the Monday blues, this video might be just what the doctor ordered.

In a recent interview with Taste of Country, Joshua Hedley talked about recording the “Broke Again” video. “I have a lot of stupid ideas,” he told ToC. “One of them just happened to be shooting this music video in front of a green screen.” He added, “But no matter how stupid, it was a lot of fun to make. It was a blast.”

The 90s Vibe

It’s obvious that Joshua Hedley had a blast working on the “Broke Again” video. However, that isn’t the only thing that shines in the clip. The 90s vibe that he captured on Neon Blue is on full display as well. The video has a great VHS effect that will give fans of a certain age a healthy dose of nostalgia.

This song and its video, like the rest of the tracks we’ve heard from Neon Blue, is a love letter to 90s country.

In his interview with Outsider, Joshua Hedley discussed why he decided to make a 90s-inspired album. It’s two-fold. First and foremost, he said that he wanted to do it for his fans.  “I took a look at who my fanbase is, who’s buying my records, who’s listening to my music, and I found that most of them are right around my age. So, I thought, ‘Let me explore the music that was on the radio when I was a kid – the music I grew up listening to – because it seems to be the music all of my fans grew up listening to as well.’ That was 90s country,” he said.

Additionally, Joshua Hedley said that the era of country music between 1989 and 1996 is a significant part of the genre’s history. “That was the last truly traditional country era. It was the last time you could turn the radio on and discernably hear a country song. You knew exactly what it was. It was country music. So, I wanted to tip my cap to that.”