Justin Moore Announces ‘Country On It Tour’ With Granger Smith & More

by Shelby Scott

As winter drags on and snow accumulations nationally make warm weather difficult to imagine, Outsiders can look forward to concert season as Justin Moore has just announced his “Country On It Tour.”

Justine Moore announced his 12-date arena run this week. Additionally, he plans to bring live country music across the nation with fellow country star, Granger Smith. The latter boasts hits like “Stutter” and “Backroad Song.” That’s alongside recent releases such as “Hate You Like I Love You” and “Country Things.”

As per a news release, tickets for the tour go on sale Friday, January 21st at 10 a.m. local time. Moore’s performances will take place in multiple states nationwide. Dates range from the East Coast in Huntingdon, West Virginia to the Northwest Pacific in Spokane, Washington.

For Outsiders interested in snagging tickets to Justin Moore’s tour, head over to the country artist’s website for sales and information.

Meanwhile, Moore continues to see success in the country music industry with his latest single, “With a Woman You Love.”

Even more exciting, the star has plans to release a brand new studio album later in 2022.

Simultaneously, the country artist has taken his love for sports to the radio, featuring on 103.7’s The Buzz’s “Morning Mayhem.”

Overall, it seems Justin Moore has more than just new tour dates coming up. Nevertheless, the latest announcement definitely has us looking forward to concert season and the return of warm summer days.

Justin Moore Opens Up About ‘With a Woman You Love’

Justin Moore’s musical repertoire covers a host of country sounds and values. He previously topped charts with bigger, more intricate values embedded in his music. Examples can be found in previous hits like “If Heaven Weren’t So Far Away.”

However, his latest single simply demonstrates the everyday contentment and love that comes along with a rock-solid relationship. And despite the everyday hardships, Moore reminds Outsiders that at the end of the day, it’s about you and your person and that’s really all that matters.

Additionally, the country star gave us insight as to his thoughts on promoting love songs as the lead single on a brand new album.

As Moore makes clear, choosing a single for a brand new album is tricky. He explained, “when you’re choosing that, you’re trying to have success radio-wise and attention-wise. And it’s been a long time since we’ve had a love song out there.”

What makes the song even more memorable is that it functions as an active narrative regarding Moore’s and his wife’s 14-year marriage.

“I obviously feel fortunate to have my partner in crime. We’ve been together almost 20 years,” Moore told Outsider exclusively.

Now, as Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, Justin Moore’s upbeat love song is sure to remind a lot of Outsiders about the simple things that make a dynamic relationship so successful.