Justin Moore is Considering Ditching Rifles to Do ‘Nothing But Bowhunting’ From Now On

by Josh Lanier

Justin Moore says he may swear off hunting with a rifle to only using a bow. The avid outdoorsman, hunter, and country music star said he finds the challenge appealing.

“I’ve been elk huntin’ four, five, six times and I’ve only gotten one,” Moore said via press release. “It’s just hard to do. I’m actually thinking about just doing nothing but bowhunting from now on.”

Moore said he felt it was time for a change because he was looking for more of a challenge. He’s only hunted deer with a rifle.

“I thought about making that transition just because I’ve been lucky with deer and have done that for my whole life. And I do bow hunt, but I thought about only doing that, just to make it more challenging, cause that’s part of the fun to me, the challenge of it.”

Moore Takes Off Two Months A Year to Hunt

The 36-year-old Arkansas native said that he tries to take off a few months a year just to hunt with his buddies, he told PopCulture.com.

“I always aim to take off like right around Halloween and go through like the end of January,” Justin Moore said. “It usually turns into like, mid-November through mid-January. So we get a good couple of months off and that’s prime time hunting. I go with a group of guys, we go somewhere different every year, and so I book that — right after I get off of one trip we book another one.

“So what we do is, I have four buddies of mine that we’ve been going every year for a handful of years and each year somebody different picks,” he continued. “Last year I went to Texas. This year one of my buddies picked a place in Kansas. I’ve hunted Kansas before and [got a] big deer but it was the coldest I’ve ever been hunting. So I’m hoping that I’m in a blind and can bring my buddy heater because I love hunting but I don’t like to be cold.”

Switching to only bow hunting may complicate some of the problems, but Moore said he’s up to the challenge. But Moore said he’ll still stick to the animals he knows best because of a simple rule.

I would love to kill a moose, which I’ve never even been moose hunting. They make an elk look small. But, I don’t know how the meat is, and I don’t kill it if I don’t eat it.”