Justin Moore Opens Up About His Daily Battles with Family Cats

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/ACMA2019/Getty Images for ACM)

Since he has been married, Justin Moore has seen a change in himself. That includes watching “Housewife tv” and living with animals. His new single With The Woman You Love has helped the country music singer reflect on his marriage.

There are many things that change in a man’s life when he moves in with his girlfriend, fiancée, or wife. In an interview with Cody Alan, the singer talked about those changes. He also discussed other aspects of his relationship.

“There are animals all over our house! They are just everywhere,” Moore laughed. “Hell, I have a cat sleeping with me now. It wakes me up every morning at 5:30 with its little jingle bell collar thing.” Now, that sounds like true love and dedication.

After 14 years of marriage, “It’s somewhat infuriating, but it is what it is.” So, animals all over the place, jingle bell collars, and everything else, Moore seems just happy with where he is. At this point, he has even given up on trying to change the channel on TV. While it isn’t as big of an issue as the cats in his bed, he talked about the former back and forth that is now a formality.

“I used to fight watching all of the Housewife tv shows. Like ‘You gotta turn this crap off!’ and now I just give up. It’s whatever. Just leave it on.” Some things just aren’t worth fighting over. It seems that Justin Moore has discovered what is worth fighting over and what isn’t at his house.

The singer admitted that he has had a lot of thoughts about his marriage after writing With a Woman You Love. After listening to the lyrics, you can understand why.

Justin Moore Thinks About His Life on ‘With A Woman You Love’

Justin Moore released With a Woman You Love earlier in the fall. The song reflects on his marriage and the things that one does “With a woman you love.” The country music singer and his wife Kate have been together for well over a decade. This is the first love song from Moore since 2016 if you can believe that.

When he released the song, the singer reflected on why he wanted to put it out and what he hoped folks could take away from it.

“We could all use a little extra love at the moment. I obviously feel fortunate to have my partner in crime. We’ve been together almost 20 years,” Moore said in an interview with Outsider. The song also shows the maturity that Moore has gained in his years of marriage. Such as holding a purse at the mall.

While Justin Moore has to deal with tiny bell collars and cat hair all over the place, it doesn’t sound like he’d trade one of those animals for a different life.