Justin Moore Opens Up About the ‘Spiritual’ Experience of Playing ‘Dust On The Bottle’

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Outsider.com contributor Marty Smith is right: David Lee Murphy’s iconic songwriting ability is everything it lyrically states, capable of “rare staying power that only improves with time.” Even country music’s biggest stars such as Justin Moore aren’t immune to the whimsy magic and awe they feel when they’re in the presence of DLM. 

It’s evident that Justin Moore appreciates Murphy’s staying power in the country music realm, a formula many have found hard to crack. The two have mutual respect as well as brotherly love for one another. It’s discernable in the way the two country icons talk about each other. 

When Marty Smith asked Moore about his experience writing songs with Muprhy, he answered with nothing but humility and gratitude for the Nashville legend. 

“To have been able to meet, and become friends with DLM is beyond special to me,” Moore told Smith. “Then, you throw on top of it that we’ve written tons of songs together, that makes it even more special. But having the chance to perform Dust together? Multiple times? That’s the cherry on top.”

David Lee Murphy & Justin Moore: A Match Made in Country Music Heaven

During Justin Moore’s Off the Beaten Path Tour way back in 2014, country music minds would be blown when Moore invited Murphy on stage at a show in West Virginia.  

“Bring him out here to do one of his classic country music songs,” Moore began. “Ladies and gentleman, help me welcome to the stage Mr. David Lee Murphy!” 

Murphy strutted out in his signature leather jacket and baseball cap as the band started to play the electric, energizing song, “Dust on the Bottle.”

When he started to sing his 1995 No. 1 hit, the crowd joined the two to sing along. Singing solo for most of the song, Murphy soon requested Justin Moore and opening act Randy Houser to join in. The crowd, fueled with energy only live music can provide, finished the song as the country boys celebrated together onstage. 

Murphy gave it up for the ‘Point at You’ singer, and the two hugged before he left the stage. Indeed an enchanting moment forever etched in country music history. 

Later in May of 2018, the dynamic duo would meet again. When Moore headlined the Ryman for the first time, fans would be on the edge of their seats when Moore brought Murphy to the stage. Together, they made Ryman history when again, the duo sang everyone’s favorite “Dust on the Bottle.” 

Moore continues, “From the moment the song kicks in, there’s an energy that flows through any venue you play it in, that just simply wasn’t there before. It’s a spiritual type of experience. And we’re talking decades after it came out. Pretty special stuff.”

In 2018, and fresh off his third consecutive No. 1 album, Moore once again brought out Murphy when he performed at the Owensboro Sportscenter in Kentucky. 

David Lee Murphy Crafts a Country Hit with Moore

In 2019, the melding of minds would continue when Murphy collaborated on Moore’s smash hit, “Why We Drink.” Undoubtedly the song quickly climbed to the “Billboard Hot Country” charts. 

“It’s exciting,” Moore said. “Anytime you can put a song out like “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home,” which is emotionally-draining, it is nice to have a fun song to follow it up,” he said. “The fact that the fans are digging it, and it’s Top 15 and climbing is exciting for sure.”