Justin Moore Performing Pregame Concert for Pittsburgh Steelers-Las Vegas Raiders Matchup

by Jennifer Shea
Scott Legato/Getty Images

Country star Justin Moore is all set for Sunday when he’ll be giving a pregame concert at the Pittsburgh SteelersLas Vegas Raiders game.

In fact, Moore took to Twitter today to note how stoked he is to be playing before the game.

“Excited for Sunday! @steelers,” Moore tweeted.

Justin Moore Recently Celebrated His Ninth No. 1 on the Country Airplay Chart

Moore has had a lot to be excited about lately. Last month, he saw his single “We Didn’t Have Much” climb from third place to first on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart. In its 44th week on the chart, Moore’s song became his ninth No. 1 hit.

“We Didn’t Have Much” is the lead single off Moore’s sixth LP, Straight Outta the Country. The LP itself hit No. 38 on the Top Country Albums chart in May.

“It’s just humbling that country radio has continued to support my music throughout all these years,” Moore told Billboard. “I signed my record deal in 2007, and they’ve helped make our career so special, providing us with hit after hit since then. It’s something I certainly don’t take for granted. I’m very grateful for the fans, along with my team, which is a ton of folks, from the road guys to management to my label. I’m damn proud to work alongside all of them.”

Paul DiGiovanni, Randy Montana and Jeremy Stover co-wrote the song, which tells of the halcyon days of a lean childhood since left behind.

“There was dirt on daddy’s clothes/From putting that bacon on mama’s stove/Dog barking in the yard at a truck we don’t know,” the chorus goes. “All we had was us/And that little bitty house and a lotta love/We had it all when we didn’t have much/When we didn’t have much.”

Watch a music video of “We Didn’t Have Much” here:

Moore Is Just a Country Music Fan at Heart

In a recent interview with PopMatters, Justin Moore described a childhood in rural Arkansas not too different from that in the song. His hometown of 300 people is a humble, hard-working place, he said, where four of the five available radio stations play country music.

That’s how Moore grew up to be a country music fan first, and a country star second. He said that deep down, he’s just another music fan, and playing shows is just another way to still attend them.

“There are no more passionate fans out there than country music fans, in my opinion,” Moore said. “Maybe that’s because our fans relate better than some other artists in different genres. They see us in them, and vice versa. I am just a fan who has a cool job, and I get to see the show from a different angle.”

As for his latest hit song, the lyrics are deliberately spare and direct to mirror the spartan lifestyle the song describes. Moore said its simplicity is deceptive.

“The hardest songs to write are the ones that seem so simple,” he observed.

But Moore and his team have pulled it off again, and perhaps on Sunday, Moore’s most recent No. 1 hit will be on the set list.