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Justin Moore Recorded Two Versions of New Single ‘We Didn’t Have Much’: Here’s Why

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Justin Moore will release his latest album Straight Outta the Country next Friday. However, the lead single from that project, “We Didn’t Have Much,” hit the airwaves last October. Then, he released an acoustic version of the single in late March.

We Didn’t Have Much,” is a song that many country fans can relate to. It’s all about growing up poor in a small town. However, it’s not a bitter song. In fact, you can hear some longing for those lean times in the lyrics. It’s a fond remembrance of simple times. The final lines of the chorus really sum up the entirety of the song’s message, “Had a little bitty house and a lot of love / We had it all when we didn’t have much.” Justin Moore didn’t write the song but he did live the lyrics.

In a round-robin Zoom interview with several press outlets, Justin Moore discussed how the song hit home. He also broke down the reason behind recording two versions of it for Straight Outta the Country.

Justin Moore on Why He Recorded Two Versions of “We Didn’t Have Much”

Justin Moore grew up in the incredibly small town of Poyen, Arkansas. It was a town of about 300 people. At the same, there wasn’t much money moving through the town. Justin remembers not having much at all growing up. However, he grew up in a hard-working and deeply loving family. That’s what really counts. So, even though he didn’t write the song, he can relate to it on a personal level.

When asked why he decided to put an acoustic version of “We Didn’t Have Much,” on the album as well as the original version, Justin Moore said that it just felt right. Furthermore, when he was originally promoting the single, it was largely through Zoom interviews. So, he was sitting in his house and playing the song by himself with his acoustic guitar. It was during this time that the idea of recording an alternate version of the single began to take shape.

Justin Moore went on to say that the lyrics are”brilliantly simple,” and an acoustic version would really allow the lyrics to shine. The original version of “We Didn’t Have Much,” has minimal instrumentation. However, there’s something about stripping a song all the way down to an acoustic guitar or, in this case, two acoustic guitars, and singer that really makes the subtle elements of the songwriting pop.

Moore also noted that they had never put an acoustic song on an album until now. So, that makes this one stand out among the other songs in his catalog. If you haven’t heard it, take a minute and give it a listen. If you’ve ever been there, you’ll feel this song deep in your bones.

Justin Moore’s sixth studio album Straight Outta the Country drops next Friday, 4/23. If you want to secure your copy now, you can do so over on his website.