Justin Moore Reveals the One Animal He Has Always Wanted to Hunt

by Jon D. B.

Whether you’re just discovering Justin Moore or have been a fan since his self-titled debut in 2009, we’re betting you know at least this one thing about the star: he’s just as much an Outsider as he is a country sensation.

Seen above attending the Cabela’s & Academy of Country Music‘s Celebrity Archery Tournament, Moore’s passion is equal for both worlds. In fact, this event – part of the 4th ACM Party for a Cause Festival in Las Vegas, 2016 – would be far (and we mean far) from the only time Justin Moore would draw a compound bow.

Through a recent press release with his highly successful record label, Big Machine Label Group, Justin Moore let fly all things country. And for an Outsider like Moore, this means hunting just as much as it does the latest Big Machine tracks.

Within, Moore dives deep into the sportsman-side of himself. The most revealing tidbit, however, comes when the country star reveals which animal he has yet to hunt – and absolutely cannot wait to.

Justin Moore: “I don’t kill it if I don’t eat it”

“I would love to kill a moose, which I’ve never even been moose huntin’,” Moore tells his label. “They make an elk look small.”

Ain’t that the truth. While both are the largest of the North American cervid species, moose take this crown for the entire planet. Elk are incredibly large, yes, but they can be half the size of a moose. An average bull elk will weigh around 700 pounds. A bull moose, though, will double this, and can weigh well over a ton (1,200 lbs).

Yet Justin Moore isn’t ready to tag himself a moose just yet. In fact – and spoken like a true hunter – Moore refuses to do so until he knows what moose tastes like!

“I don’t know how the meat is…” he continues, “and I don’t kill it if I don’t eat it.”

Well said, sir. As for the country star’s favorite hunts? In Justin Moore‘s own words: he’s all about them’ cervidae.

“I’ve been elk huntin’ four, five, six times and I’ve only gotten one. It’s just hard to do,” he adds. “I’m actually thinking about just doing nothing but bow hunting from now on. I thought about making that transition just because I’ve been lucky with deer and have done that for my whole life.”

“And I do bow hunt,” he reiterates, “but I thought about only doing that, just to make it more challenging, cause that’s part of the fun to me, the challenge of it,” he concludes.

So how often is Moore out in the thicke of it? According to a recent interview with PopCulture.com, the 36-year-old Arkansas native says he makes sure to take at least “two months out of the year” off for hunting:

“I always aim to take off like right around Halloween and go through like the end of January,” Moore reveals. “It usually turns into like, mid-November through mid-January. So we get a good couple of months off and that’s prime time hunting. I go with a group of guys, we go somewhere different every year, and so I book that — right after I get off of one trip we book another one.”

Sounds like the prime Outsider life.