Justin Moore Says It’s ‘Beyond Cool’ Being Friends with 90s Country Stars

by Jacklyn Krol
Photo: Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Justin Moore is obsessed with 90s country and has even become friends and collaborators with some of his personal favorites.

His most recent album, Straight Outta the Country and his previous record, Late Nights and Longnecks, has the signature 90s sound to them. Some of his co-writers on the song include none other than 90s legends Rhett Akins and David Lee Murphy. Both singers turned songwriters had artist careers during that time and have moved into songwriting for other artists.

“I’ve been friends with those guys for a long time, and we’ve written together for a long time,” Justin Moore told Big Machine. “Rhett and I have had a lot of hits together. And I’ve written with DLM quite a bit too. But definitely having those guys be a part of it, they’re more knowledgeable than even me about 90s country.”

As hit songwriters and artists, they bring a unique perspective to writing and recording sessions.

“Obviously, they were a part of it. I didn’t specifically tell ‘em, ‘Hey, let’s write 90s country type stuff.’ But the fun thing about writin’ with either one of those guys is, obviously I grew up listenin’ to ‘em, and to call ‘em friends now and have their phone number in my phone and stuff, is beyond cool,” he concluded.

Justin Moore’s Musical Goal

At the end of the day, Justin Moore wants to make music that resonates with country music fans and that is timeless.

“I think it’s more important [for artists] to make music that people are going to be listening to 30 years from now when they ain’t on any chart rather than trying to write a song that’s going to be a hit record in three months,” Moore told CMT. “Hopefully, we’ve written some of the timeless few.”

One of the most influential albums he has ever heard was Mark Chesnutt‘s Longnecks & Short Stories. He bought the record while growing up.

“I was eight years old with no responsibilities whatsoever when that music was the soundtrack of my life,” he shared. “Hank Williams Jr., Alan Jackson, David Lee Murphy, Daryle Singletary … I could go on.”

His album’s title is remarkably similar to Chesnutt’s. This was not intentional as he wrote a song of the same name he wrote years ago. Unfortunately, it did not make the album. But he still wanted to include it as it now has a double meaning for him.