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Justin Moore Says His 4th of July Is All About ‘Family, Food, and Fireworks’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

The 4th of July is, without a doubt, the best part of summer. No matter how you want to spend it, it’s a tough holiday to beat. What could be better than fun in the sun and fireworks? On top of that, we’re taking the day to celebrate the birth of this Great Nation. So, crank up the tunes, fire up the grill, gather up the family and count the minutes until sundown. You can bet that Justin Moore will be doing the same thing.

In a recent press release, the chart-topping country singer said that the 4th of July is his favorite holiday. Justin Moore says there’s no pressure on the 4th. He knows that he doesn’t have to buy any gifts or dress up for the occasion. For him and his family, It’s all about good food, good weather, fireworks, and spending time together. To make things even more special, his wife’s birthday is the 5th. So, they have even more reason to celebrate.

That is why Justin Moore and his family do it big on the 4th of July. With the exception of last year, they spend the holiday on the beach every year. They bought a beach house down in Florida a few years ago. So, they already have a place carved out where they can enjoy the sun and surf. Then, they top the whole thing off with fireworks and a fish fry.

Justin Moore Has Plenty to Celebrate this 4th of July

Justin Moore and his family are celebrating his wife’s birthday as well as America’s birthday. That’s more than enough reason for a beach-bound throw down. However, Justin has a lot more than that going for him right now.

He already has eight chart-topping hits under his belt. Additionally, he has two top-ten singles. Before long, he’ll be able to add one more top-ten to that list. His most recent single, “We Didn’t Have Much,” is on the verge of breaking the top ten, according to the aforementioned press release.

This is where the late Billy Mays would yell, “But wait! There’s more!” Justin Moore is also right in the middle of a nationwide tour. That’s right. He is out there on the road playing his songs in front of throngs of excited fans. Of course, he’ll be taking a few days off to celebrate the 4th of July with his family. Then, it’s back on the road doing what he does best. Check out his website, get yourself some tickets, and go see some live music.