Justin Moore Teaches Son Value of Yard Work in New Photos

by Caitlin Berard

Remember when housework was fun? Sure, we dread it as adults, but we all have at least one weird childhood memory of being overjoyed by a parent trusting us with the vacuum or duster for the first time. Country superstar Justin Moore gave his young son, South, one such memory yesterday when he entrusted him with a very important title: stick picker-upper.

According to Moore, his son “was thrilled to go pick up sticks and start a burn pile.” To prove his claim, Moore posted a couple of pictures along with it. The first shows South grinning as they prepare for the work in the garage. In the second, he carries a piece of wood almost as big as he is across the wintery yard.

Now, no small child can resist a bit of dirt, even when they’re being helpful. And South is no exception, giving in to the allure of a single mud puddle. His father snapped a photo of him stepping into it instead of around it as he crossed the yard clutching the hunk of wood. Moore writes, “Of course he found the one tiny mud puddle.”

Justin Moore Shares More Precious Moments With His Son

When it comes to being a fan of SEC football, “it just means more.” Justin Moore did name his son South, after all. Moore is an avid fan of the Arkansas Razorbacks. And like any dedicated SEC parent, he’s starting ’em young.

In a social media post, Moore shared a video of his son making the University of Texas “hook ’em horns” before pointing to the ground and shouting “Horns down!” Moore writes, “Welcome to the SEC” and, to add insult to injury, tagged Texas mega-fan, Matthew McConaughey, in the post.

Though Justin Moore’s son, South, is only 4 years old, he’s already well on his way to becoming a Razorbacks enthusiast himself.

Need more proof that Justin Moore is raising his son as southern as possible? Moore has you covered. In another post, Moore shared a photo of himself and his son sitting in a tractor.

Juice pouch in hand, South smiles at the camera while he leans against the window of the agricultural machine. The caption reads, “Doing some Bobcat tractor work the other day with South. He loves it.”

“Like father like son…how absolutely adorable,” one fan responds. Moore no doubt takes pride in instilling his son with the same country roots he has in his heart.