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Justin Moore’s New Song ‘We Didn’t Have Much’ Reflects on Lifestyle Changes During COVID-19

by Jacklyn Krol
(Photo by Jason Kempin / Getty Images)

The next single from Justin Moore is relatable to everyone that is feeling the effects of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

The New Single From Justin Moore

The country crooner told Taste of Country that his next single will cover life in quarantine and the pandemic. “It sounds like nothing I’ve ever recorded in my career,” he told the outlets. “It couldn’t be more country sounding, which I’m obviously happy with.”

With health and safety concerns, concerts are no longer an option for most people. “It certainly has been devastating to our industry as a whole,” Moore told News 10. “It’s tough not to get to go do something that you’re so passionate about that you’ve done basically your entire adult life.” 

“We’ve had a list a mile long of things that we gone ‘we ain’t got time to do that right now’, certainly we don’t have that excuse anymore,” he added.

Life During Quarantine

Moore has been at home with his wife Kate and their four children. Kate is running two clothing stores in their hometown, This Little Piggy and SOCO. “He’s kind of had to adjust to that too, me kind of going to work and now he’s staying home a little bit, and I think that’s been a bit of a challenge too,” Kate explained.

Now that he has some free time, he has been doing his best to stay active online. “I’ve been in front of my phone I can promise you more than I’ve ever wanted to,” he admitted. “I’m thankful that I can get on zoom calls and play for people.” 

Additionally, he launched the Justin Moore Podcast. “I’ve always used that excuse ‘I didn’t have time to fool with it’, again I don’t have that anymore,” he said. “The podcast is something I’m doing in hopes that I can pay one guy.”

Moore has struggled with the fact that his team relies on him to provide paychecks. He shared that he has had numerous sleepless nights and cried about his crew. “I spend as much time, if not more, probably more time with my road family. those men and women, than I do with my own family.” 

“I’m fine, my wife and my kids are fine, we are blowing through all of our savings, which sucks, but these other men and women whether they be truck drivers or bus drivers or musicians or so many crew members that it takes to put on a show of the magnitude that we put a show on, they just have nothing,” he concluded.