Kacey Musgraves Asks for ‘New Show’ Recommendations, Fans Sound Off

by Halle Ames

“Mary, Mary quite contrary. We get bored, so we”…. Watch Netflix? Singer Kacey Musgraves has taken to Twitter to ask her followers for new show recommendations.

We get it. With quarantine and the pandemic and everything, we have binged watched TV shows faster than Uncle Bill takes down a pack of beer at the family Thanksgiving gathering.

You name it, we have probably seen it by now, but can you really blame us? We were trapped for months, and by darn it, we weren’t going to do something productive with our time!

Kacey Musgraves understands where we are coming from. This morning, the 32-year-old singer asked her nearly 927,000 followers for their advice.

“I need a new show. Seriously enjoyable recommendations only. No f**kery.”

She quickly racked in some suggestions.

Naturally, just about every show ever made was mentioned, so Musgraves is right where she started.

Our Recommendations

Here are our recommendations for the best shows of all time to emotionally invest in. Heads up, though, once you start, you won’t be able to stop watching.

In no particular order, we are going to start off with Game of Thrones. Nearly everyone in the world has seen its eight seasons by now, and it seems every viewer was full of disappointment at the ending… However, we still recommend and love it dearly.

On the lighter side, we recommend Schitt’s Creek. We don’t care how serious of a person you are, this show will make you laugh. After watching, you might feel slightly more dramatic, however.

Please don’t hate us, but yes, we were emotionally invested in Grey’s Anatomy. Every twist and turn, and every unforeseen death, we shed ugly tears. Grey’s is a commitment, though, with 16 seasons and the 17 airing in December. But, come on, it’s a drama about attractive doctors and risky surgeries. We might have considered switching from journalism to biology after watching it but decided that was a bad idea for everyone’s sake.

Breaking Bad has our next vote, with a story of a struggling high school chemistry teacher that is actively dying of lung cancer. Since his prognosis is already grim, it can’t get much worse, so what do you do? You default to selling crystal meth. Not our first choice or a recommendation on our part, but the show is top-notch.

Finally, Kacey, if you are reading, you have to watch Yellowstone. It is a must, no question about it. The show has a wild west type beat but in modern times. There are attractive cowboys, beautiful scenery, backdoor dealing, yet it has a gruesome element with some pretty shameless killings. If we could be a part of the Dutton family, we would. We just might need a stiff drink at the end of every day.