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Kacey Musgraves Breaks Silence on Ruston Kelly Divorce: ‘Our Season Changed’

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Steve Granitz/ Getty Images)

Country star Kacey Musgraves finally breaks her silence on her divorce from singer and songwriter Ruston Kelly. 

Kacey Musgraves first met Ruston Kelly in March of 2016, after a performance at Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. By October the following year, the two got hitched, however after only three years of marriage, the two called it quits in July of 2020.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stones, Musgraves reveals what went wrong between the two. 

Kacey Musgraves Reveals “It Just Didn’t Work”

While filing for divorce, Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly kept it short. In a joint statement, the two musicians stated that “It just didn’t work.” 

Musgraves said that there was no big deciding moment or blowout fight. It just wasn’t what they wanted anymore. Regardless, the 32-year-old star says she still loves him “so much.”

“It’s two people who love each other so much, but for so many reasons, it just didn’t work,” she explained. “I mean, seasons change. Our season changed.”

Some people are just better alone, and Kacey Musgraves admits that she is one of them. Why the labels when you can just date forever, like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell? Although she did seize the opportunity when it arose. 

“Part of me questions marriage as a whole, in general. I mean, I was open to it when it came into my life, I embraced it. I just have to tell myself I was brave to follow through on those feelings. But look at Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. They’re doing something right. I think I live best by myself. I think it’s OK to realize that.”

Unwanted Expectations and Feelings

Musgraves also touched on growing up in Texas and what is expected from a southern woman. 

“I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on growing up as a woman in the South and being a performer from a young age — we were told to please, to make this person happy. That has to imprint on your code. It kind of erodes boundaries. So I’m trying to examine things that may not be useful anymore and maybe unlearn some things.”

As for the pandemic, many artists were very thankful for the much-needed break. Not Kacey Musgraves. She says that not being able to stay busy has made her deal with some unwanted demons. 

“I’m someone who deals with anxiety by making sure I stay busy and moving,” she says. “And I haven’t had that luxury this year. So I’ve been forced to sit with my sadness, sit with my anxiety, sit with my anger, sit with all the things that you normally can outrun.” She pauses to consider. “I think that’s kind of a beautiful thing.”

Now that Kacey Musgraves has been able to mourn the ending of her relationship, she is now taking time to focus on her music. That includes a new album that is set to be released this year and is inspired by “tragedy.” 

We cannot wait to hear it. I’ll grab the tissues.