Kane Brown Announced as Week 1 ‘College Gameday’ Guest Picker

by Jonathan Howard

Get ready for the first College Gameday experience of the season. With so many games being played across the country there will be lots of action. However, the headlining event is wherever that Gameday crew find themselves. This week to start the season, Kane Brown will be the guest picker. As usual, there will be predictions and picks made ahead of Saturday’s slate of matchups.

Of course, the ESPN crew is down at Romare Bearden Park in Charlotte, North Carolina for the Georgia vs. Clemson game. This is going to be a matchup between two teams that are staples in the College Football Playoff. Kirk Herbstreit and the rest of the crew will give their takes on the big games for the day and it all culminates in the Bulldogs and Tigers battling it out on the field.

Kane Brown made the announcement on Twitter.

That game will kickoff at 7:30 PM EST. This is going to be a big game not just because of the names on the jersey, but it will have an impact on CFP seeding. If Georgia and Clemson have the seasons they hope to have, they each expect to be back in the conversation when the end of the season comes. Not to mention a win will give either team a huge mental advantage should they meet up in the postseason.

Kane Brown will be around for the day. Throughout his early life, he spent his time moving around northwest Georgia and the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. As a Bulldogs fan, Brown is likely to put in a pick for his beloved red and black. However, there is no telling what might be said when the pressure is on. Guest hosts are there to hype up the crowd and try to get some drama going.

Kane Brown to Pick Between Georgia vs. Clemson

The main event for the night is no doubt this SEC/ACC match between Georgia and Clemson. Both teams have shown nothing but promise year after year. With turnover to the NFL and graduation, Kirby Smart and Dabo Swinney reload with the next man up. Right now, Clemson is a three to five-point favorite depending on what sportsbook you use.

There are a few things that could happen in this game (among hundreds of other possibilities). Clemson could try and pressure JT Daniels early. Hope that he can’t get in a rhythm early, and make Georgia rely on their running backs. While the Bulldogs will be ready for that pressure and have a history of great RBs, they want to see the ball in the air. If the Tigers don’t get to the ball in the backfield, Daniels might just light up the defense for a couple of hundred yards.

This has the possibility of being a high-scoring game as well. The total could be upwards of 50 points, easily. Kane Brown is going to have a lot to think about before making his decision on College Gameday. If the offenses start to click, both defenses could be on their heels and the touchdowns might come in often.