Kane Brown Gets Emotional Revealing He Sold His Dream Truck ‘Rex’

by Chris Haney

On Monday, country star Kane Brown got emotional on his Instagram Story when bidding farewell to his GMC Denali named “Rex” after selling the truck.

Brown shared a clip of him walking outside to the parked truck sitting in his driveway. The 27-year-old singer starts out by telling his IG followers he has “to make a sad post today.” He says “Rex” was his first big purchase after signing his initial record deal.

Numerous cars are lined up in the driveway, including a Dodge Hellcat and another even larger truck sitting beside “Rex.” Brown says he just sold his dream truck, and it’s the end of an era for the musician.

“Today, Rex is sold,” Brown explained. “So, you will never be forgotten. This is the truck that I wanted to buy when I was in high school. My buddy Austin always drove it. Austin, we’re parting ways with our truck, man.”

In the last of three clips, Brown shares a caption revealing the reason why he sold his dream truck.

“I just don’t drive him anymore. I don’t want to see him sit here and rot,” Brown wrote before sharing one last message.

“It’s been real,” the country singer says. “Love you, Rex.”

Brown Says ‘Rex’ Made Him Believe in Love at First Sight

The country singer used money from his first big record deal to purchase the lifted GMC Denali that he named “Rex.” During an October 2017 interview, the musician confirmed his truck’s name. Additionally, when asked if the truck made him believe in love at first sight, Brown responded by saying “Yea, he did.”

He eventually upgraded to an even larger truck, which is sitting beside “Rex” in his farewell video on his IG Story. However, his wife Katelyn Jae took over driving “Rex” when he upgraded.

In addition, the Georgia native added what he called a “dad car” to his impressive car collection. He bought a Tesla, which is a change of pace from his other trucks and muscle cars. But, that’s probably a good decision with a young daughter who just turned one in October.

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