Kane Brown Gushes Over Daughter in Sweet Photo: ‘Our Freaking Angel’

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Kane Brown is proudly showing off his one-year-old daughter, Kingsley Rose, who he and his wife, Katelyn, call “our freaking angel.”

The post shows Kingsley sleeping in her car seat under a snuggly, warm pink blanket. She shows off her fashion-sense while wearing a small bright red bow to pull her hair back and out of her eyes. However, the cute bow is more than likely thanks to Kingsley’s mama and Kane’s wife, Katelyn.

Meet the Browns

The Browns, including their one-year-old daughter Kingsley, seem to be setting sail. Perhaps, in this case, setting the vehicle on cruise control while taking an adventure into the unknown.

However, Kingsley is one smart cookie as she sleeps the time away. Among the many stressors traveling can bring, especially if the location is far away, can result in “car fever,” which is similar to cabin fever, but trapped in an even smaller environment with no way out besides pitstops.

“Car fever” can make even the sweetest babies, and grown-ups, become very fussy.

Kane and Katelyn Brown with Their Angel, Kingsley Rose

Brown has never held back when it comes to the gratitude he feels towards his family. At the end of October, Kane Brown released “Worship You,” a touching song dedicated to his wife and young daughter.

Kane already knew who the perfect actresses would be in playing the roles of his wife and daughter, and he didn’t have to look far. After asking Katelyn if she and their daughter would star alongside him in the moving music video, Kane’s two girls joined him to begin filming the video in Wyoming.

Fan Responses to Kingsley’s Photo

Instagram users jumped with excitement, remarking on the sweet baby’s chubby cheeks.

@lauri_jasmin_: Sooo cute 💗💕

@chaiseandstatus: She’s gorgeous 😍😍

@klavermom: 🎉♥️Precious wee bundle 💕🌈