Kane Brown Joined ‘College Gameday’ for Opening Weekend, Snapped Legendary Pic With Lee Corso

by Jonathan Howard

Not only did NASCAR’s Chase Elliott join the College Gameday crew, country music star Kane Brown did as well. He shared some picks to begin the season. As the week one guest, Brown got the honors of picking from a slate of matchups. Each week the Gameday crew goes to a game of the week and puts on a show. Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso, mascots galore! It’s a good time.

Not only did Brown come in and make picks, but he also made a pick for his beloved Georgia Bulldogs. However, the fun didn’t stop there. Every week Lee Corso dons a mascot head while making his College Gameday picks, this week wasn’t any different. Like he has multiple times before, the veteran sports analyst threw on that Georgia Bulldog head.

Look at the moment with Kane Brown and Corso.

It’s always a celebration when Corso is in town. Add in Brown, one of the hottest young acts in country music today, and it’s going to be explosive. As that Bulldog head went up, the crowd lost it and it looked like the country star was soaking in the moment. It’s not every day one gets to be on ESPN’s College Gameday. When your favorite team is the headline event of the night, that just makes it even better. And when the crew picks the Dawgs with you? Well, that’s just a perfect Saturday.

Kane Brown Isn’t Rolling with the Tide

Throughout the afternoon and evening, there are a number of great games scheduled. The day got started with Penn State against Wisconsin in a 16-10 final. The Nittany Lions just squeaked out the win over the Badgers. The Arkansas Razorbacks struggled for half a game against Rice. But the midafternoon blockbuster was Alabama and Miami.

While on the College Gameday set, Kane Brown didn’t seem impressed with the No.1 team in America. As a Georgia Bulldog fan, it’s clear why the country singer didn’t appreciate what the Tide had to offer. To be fair, before the game started the No.14 Miami Hurricanes looked like formidable opponents. Playing in Atlanta, perhaps they could find a way to upset Nick Saban’s squad…they did not.

Although Brown wasn’t rolling with the Tide, the Tide rolled all over Miami. After taking a 10-0 lead after the first quarter, Bama put the hammer down. They held Miami to just 3 points all half. Meanwhile, Bryce Young threw all over the defense. The Crimson Tide put up another 17 points in the second quarter alone.

By the time it was all said and done, Alabama was walking off the field with 44 points. The Hurricanes were only able to score 13 points all game. Just one touchdown on the afternoon. Young finished with 344 yards and four touchdowns. That is the most TDs any Alabama QB has put up in their debut. He threw Joe Namath and Mac Jones off the throne for that record. It just looked like another team for Bama and now they are on to the next one, a game with Mercer.