Kane Brown Opens Up About Duet With Wife Katelyn About Their Own Love Story

by Chris Haney

Recently, country star Kane Brown shared details about his highly anticipated duet with his wife, Katelyn Jae, from his upcoming album.

The new song is titled “Mad At This World” and the couple are excited to release their first duet on record. The basis of the track was actually pitched to Brown by another songwriter. The tune immediately caught his attention, and he knew it would be perfect for the couple’s first song together.

Brown spoke to PopCulture last year and opened up about how talented his wife is in her own right. She was a pop singer herself before settling down and starting a family with Brown. The country artist even calls Katelyn his “secret weapon” on the record.

“We’ve been talking about doing a song together,” Brown told PopCulture in August. “And then we just heard this song come in that was perfect for us. I thought it was a beautifully written song. And so we’re just excited to get that up, kind of release it to the fans. I tell her that she’s my secret weapon.”

“Mad At This World” will feature on Brown’s upcoming album, which doesn’t have a release date yet. Following teaser clips of the couple singing at home together, fans will be eager to hear the country couple’s duet, which tells their love story.

“We just kind of wrote a song about our background, about how we connected, how we met. I wrote my verse by myself, and then the other writers wrote the chorus,” Kane Brown said to Good Morning America.

“So then when I brought it into her, and she listened to it and just heard the story about my side of the story of how we met, she loved it. So it’ll be cool coming together,” he added.

Kane Brown Talks About His Upcoming Album

Along with the new duet with his wife, Brown is working on a fulls album’s worth of new material. During his recent interview with GMA, the 27-year-old talked about some of the album’s influences.

“I’ve been listening to a lot of music, different music recently, so the album I’m really excited about,” Brown shared. “We have some big anthem, movie style songs that’s going to be on there.”

Additionally, Brown touched on some other specific song inspirations. He says he’s only completed four of the tracks so far, but he’s hoping that this will be his best album to date.

“We also have some different old school kind of sounds,” Brown said. “We have a Sam Cooke kind of vibe, and then we have like a you walk into a saloon kind of vibe song that I’m really pumped about. We’ve only tracked four of them so far, so I’m still trying to outwrite everything that I have. I’m just trying to make this one of the best albums – if not the best album that I’ve released so far.”

One of the highlights of the album will be “Mad At This World,” the duet with his wife. Katelyn and the couple’s young daughter have helped with Brown’s music before. They each featured in the emotional music video for his song “Worship You.” However, this will be the first time Katelyn and Kane sing together on an album.

No release date has been set for “Mad At This World.” In addition, Brown’s upcoming album title and release date have yet to be determined.