Kane Brown Reveals Upcoming Album Has ‘Old School’ Sounds and ‘Saloon Kind of Vibe’

by Madison Miller

For fans of country artist Kane Brown, the future is looking bright.

Brown is currently working on his next album. The singer-songwriter has been fairly busy in 2020. He released “Cool Again,” “Worldwide Beautiful,” and “Be Like That.” These songs all appear on his EP, “Mixtape, Vol. 1” along with four other tracks. He also released a song called “Worship You,” in which his wife and daughter were featured in.

He performed a series of drive-in concerts as well as a pre-recorded performance during a “Thanksgiving Night Football” game. Most recently, he announced the start of his own label, 1021 Entertainment.

Kane Brown is known for his unique sound. He blends together elements of country, pop, and R&B into a cohesive sound. He was the first artist to ever have No. 1 hits on the five main Billboard country charts at the same time.

Kane Brown Upcoming Album

Given his unique sound, Brown’s album could go a lot of different directions.

“We also have some different old school kind of sounds. We have a Sam Cooke kind of vibe, and then we have like a you walk into a saloon kind of vibe song that I’m really pumped about. … We’ve only tracked four of them so far, so I’m still trying to outwrite everything that I have, and I’m just trying to make this one of the best albums — if not the best album that I’ve released so far,” Brown told Good Morning America.

The album is still very much under construction. However, it will be the product of Brown’s most cherished work.

This will include a duet with his wife Katelyn about how they met and their overall connection. This album features a unique sound, but a familiar message for Brown.

On top of creating an album, Brown is also passionate about giving back to his hometown, Chattanooga. He is partnered with Lowe’s for their $10 million to 100 impact projects in 2021.

Brown and Shania Twain

Kane Brown has recently expressed he wants to collaborate with legendary artist Shania Twain. He’s going to have to get in line.

Kane has been mentioning wanting to collaborate with Twain for months now. It first came up in an interview with ET Canada. She once responded to the concept of collaborating in the future on Twitter by saying, “Let’s do it!” Brown refers to this idea as his “dream collaboration.”

“My mom was a huge fan of hers, so I’ve grown up listening to all her music. I actually met [Twain] one time, and I talked about doing a song with her, so it’d be cool if we got to do it,” Brown said, according to CMT.

While the two have certainly thought about a collaboration, it’s unclear if anything will come from it. With a new album on the horizon, it’s an exciting thought.