Keith Richards Speaks Out on Eric Clapton’s COVID Vaccine Skepticism

by Allison Hambrick

Rockstar Keith Richards addressed friend and fellow musician Eric Clapton’s position on covid-19 vaccinations, adding that he doesn’t understand why people get “so wound up about it.”

At a Glance

  • Eric Clapton criticized covid-19 vaccines.
  • The guitarist explained that he had a negative reaction to the Astra Zeneca vaccine.
  • The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards called out longterm friend Clapton’s views.

Eric Clapton Discusses Position on Vaccines

Clapton was a big challenger to the UK’s lockdown laws. He even released a single alongside Van Morrison condemning his government’s actions. He once explained: “I thought quite strongly about taking my family away from England. We’ll go and live somewhere else, we’ll start somewhere else.”

However, while he had a “terrible fear of needles,” Clapton got AstraZeneca vaccine at his kids’ insistence. His severe reactions included fever, trouble sleeping and strong painful feelings in his hands and feet. “

The vaccine took my immune system and shook it around,” Clapton revealed. “[It] frightened the shit out of me.”

According to Clapton, his anti-vaccine stance, which led him to cancel several tour dates, has created tensions with some of his industry friends.

“I’ve tried to reach out to fellow musicians,” Clapton explained. “I just don’t hear from them anymore. My phone doesn’t ring very often. I don’t get that many texts and emails any more. It’s quite noticeable.”

Clapton condemned the polarization that accompanies the issue. Clapton added: “I believe most of all in free speech and freedom of movement. And life and love and kindness. I’ve seen scorn and contempt from both sides. And I get caught in the crossfire a lot. But I don’t really feel educated enough to know enough about either of these areas.”

Keith Richards Calls Out Eric Clapton

Though he and Eric Clapton have long been friends, Keith Richards failed to see why his fellow musician is resistant to anti-covid measures such as vaccines.

“I love Eric dearly. I’ve known him since forever, and we’ve had ups and downs,” Richards said in an interview. “This COVID thing, it’s split people up and made people sometimes go awry for a while, you know?”

The rocker then continued to explain that the easiest way to solve the crisis is to listen to the experts.

“I just want to get rid of this damn thing, and the only way I can see us doing it is everybody does as the doctor says,” Richards added. “I don’t understand quite why some people are getting so wound up about it. You wouldn’t get wound up about the flu or something, you know what I mean? And that’s even worse. And I’m no doctor, but hey, this thing works in various nasty ways on people, and we all have to bear with each other. We all have to have a little sympathy.”