Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Open Up About Raising Family in Multiple Countries

by Suzanne Halliburton

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, country music’s favorite Aussies, are raising their two daughters around the world.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic halted most travel, the family is spending most of their time at their farmhouse outside Sydney. But they also have homes around the world, including Nashville, Los Angeles, New York and London.

It’s the life you lead if you’re Keith Urban, one of the biggest stars in country music, or Nicole Kidman, one of the biggest movie stars on the planet. The two married in 2006. This has been their life since then.

Nicole Kidman said the couple’s daughters, Sunday and Faith, travel everywhere with them.

Keith Urban explained: “We live in different places – between Nashville and London – so we’re just used to not having a particular structure. It’s based on whether Nic’s working, whether I’m working.”

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Moved Family To Australian Farm House For Her TV Project

It was Nicole Kidman’s job that took the family back to Australia. Both grew up in the country, although Keith Urban was technically born in New Zealand before being raised in Australia.

Last year, Kidman and the family were living in Los Angeles as she filmed an HBO series. They returned to Nashville to spend the early parts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Then, the family shifted to Australia so she could star and produce the TV adaption of “Nine Perfect Strangers.”

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have stayed there since then.

Nicole Kidman said living there allows her to be closer to her mother, Janelle and sister Antonia. Her family helps with the kids. Sunday is 12 and Faith is 10.

“We travel together, so we are always together, but never where you are in a house and you can’t go to the store, to a restaurant or the movies,” Kidman told the magazine “HELLO.”

“Staying home, doing school from home and all of those things that everyone has been doing is a completely different life for us.”

Kidman told the New York Times: “My sister’s staying over and my mum’s helping; I don’t have that help in Nashville so that’s been incredible.”

She recently had to self isolate in Great Britain for a movie role, but has since reunited with the family in Australia.

Kidman added that since she’s grown older, she’s “throwing herself” into everything from parenting to acting.

“A lot of people as they get older get more protected and terrified,” Kidman said. “My desire is to keep throwing myself into things. My parenting, my relationship (with Keith Urban), my work. I’ll take the pain. I’ll take the joy. Because the feeling makes me go, I’m in life. It’s an enormous gift, this life.

“My ability to love is so deep. My love for my children and for my mother, who’s 80 years old, and my desire to not lose her. You know, I was at her house last weekend and she pulled out a CD of my father singing. It was like being stabbed in the gut. My mother said, “I can’t listen to it,” and I went, “I can — I have to. I get why you can’t, Mama, but I want to.” Most people would turn it off. I left it on.”

It all sounds like a perfect kind of celebrity life for Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, a transplanted pair of Aussies.

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