Keith Urban Brings Australian Classroom to Tears with Surprise Zoom Appearance

by Taylor Cunningham

Keith Urban is bringing smiles to children half a world away.

Like most of us, the students and teachers at Urbenville Public School in northern New South Wales are huge fans of country crooner Keith Urban. So for months, everyone inside the tiny rural schoolhouse wrote letters to the Grammy winner hoping they can see him when he goes on his Australian tour.

The students even penned their own songs about hope during the pandemic. And the school shared those tunes on social media. They even played the songs in the parking lot of a nursing home so the people in lockdown could hear.

And their efforts did not go unnoticed. Because all the way in the USA, Keith Urban was watching the Urbenville students.

On Monday, the You’ll Think of Me singer surprised the students with a Zoom call.

“Hi, guys! How is everybody?” he greeted with a big smile.”Hey, I just wanted to say I saw all the things you guys have been doing on Facebook, and I was so moved.”

Apparently, Urban was trying to figure out a way to visit the school in person. Being a native Australian himself, he makes a lot of trips to the country. But because of his filming schedule with The Voice, Urban couldn’t get away.

So he hoped his adoring pint-sized fans would settle for a video chat.

Keith Urban Had More Surprises For the Students

During a 40 minute talk, Keith Urban answered questions about his life and career. Some kids asked about the singer’s favorite songs. Others wanted to know how the artist got into the industry. And one student just wanted to know how long Urban’s hair had grown.

“It was such a big surprise… I thought my head was going to explode when I saw Keith,” Tyler Sheardold told ABC Net Australia.

But the video chat was just the icing on the cake. Because Keith Urban had an even more exciting surprise for the Urbenville students. He invited all of the children to be his special guests in Brisbane during his Australian tour next year.

“I’d love to properly meet you all so that’s the best way to do it,” he said. “I can’t come to your concert, so maybe you can come to mine.”

And Urban thought the students might need new instruments for their upcoming live appearance. So he gifted each student a brand new guitar, and he gave the school five extra, just in case.

“Sometimes you want to play on your own quietly and not in front of everybody else,” he told the excited classroom.”So I’m sending 16 guitars so each of you will have a guitar of your own and you can leave it at your house.”

“Wanting to sing and play for other people, it’s a really important part of everything that you guys are doing,” Urban added before saying goodbye.”So thank you to the school for having such passion for music and being so supportive.”