Keith Urban’s Favorite Songwriting Snack May be the Most Country Thing We’ve Ever Heard

by Taylor Cunningham

When Keith Urban is lost in his creative genius, he forgets to eat. And since he’s not the easiest person to work with when he’s hungry, his team turns to the most southern solution for one of country’s most southern stars.

Country crooning Keith Urban is like a lot of us. When he’s lost in his work, he forgets to eat. And according to his team, he gets grumpy and hates his own music when he gets hangry. And according to a 2010 People interview, Urban has “ungodly focus.” So, it can happen a lot.

“It’s a low blood sugar thing,” Urban said. “You forget to eat. The ideas start to sound terrible.”

So one of his songwriters, Monty Powell, had an idea one day, and that idea has turned into a tradition. He drove into a historic town just outside of Nashville and bought Keith Urban the most country sandwich he could find. And Urban loved it so much that whenever his blood sugar starts to dip, he and Powell head into town to grab one.

“We’ll hop into his old pickup truck, drive into Leipers Fork for fried pimento-cheese sandwiches. There’s a hit song in every fried pimento-cheese sandwich!”

Keith Urban Gushes About His Wife Nicole Kidman

Fried pimento-cheese sandwiches aren’t the only things helping Keith Urban reign as a country artist. According to Urban, his wife Nicole Kidman played a big part in his stardom.

While talking with Dax Shepard on Armchair Experts, the You’ll Think of Me singer sang praises for his alister wife.

“She’s just the one, that was it,” he told Shepard.“She’s the one that I was searching for my whole life, and everything not only changed but had to change in me if I was going to go that road.”

In another interview, Urban said that Kidman inspires him creatively and personally.

“What I’ve learned from her is to be more fearless in artistry and go for the curious place that you want to go to as an artist and don’t question it,” he told Apple Music’s Just Jared.

And anyone who pays attention knows that Kidman is just as crazy about Keith Urban. The two unconditionally support each other and their family. And, Urban says that his wife of 15 years saved him from alcoholism.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Kidman likened her “miracle” marriage to a fairytale.

“Two Aussies born in the same year, but living in different worlds and cities,” she gushed. “How did that happen? It was meant to be.”

And not only that, but the two also shared similar childhoods. As Nicole says, they “came from nothing.” Kidman remembered her parents going to the Salvation Army to get a donated mattress. And her whole family shared the bed. She then said that Keith Urban grew up in a shed with no bedrooms.

“He grew up on a farm, literally in a shed. They didn’t have bedrooms. Four of them lived in a shed that subsequently burned down.” She’s proud of her husband and says that he is “a man who is totally self-made.”