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Keith Urban’s Marriage Proposal to Nicole Kidman Involved New York and Flowers at 5 AM

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo credit should read P. Lehman / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

On Tuesday (September 21st) Hollywood star Nicole Kidman made a special remote appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to share details about her husband and country singer Keith Urban‘s marriage proposal. 

While chatting with the late-night talk show host, Nicole Kidman recalled that Keith Urban’s marriage proposal involved New York City and flowers at 5 in the morning.

“He sat on the stoop of my New York apartment. I came out at 5 in the morning. And it was my birthday,” the actress shared. She also said the country singer had flowers. “And that was it. I was a goner. I’m like, ‘Yes, I’ll marry you.’”

The couple is now celebrating their 15th anniversary. When Fallon wished her a happy 15th anniversary, Nicole Kidman said she thought he said 50 years. “Hopefully one day. But 15 years, which is pretty amazing, right?

When asked if Urban surprised her at all for their anniversary, Nicole Kidman admitted she’s really not a fan of surprises.

“I don’t like a surprise party and I had a surprise party once and I broke out in a cold sore on the spot. I literally did. It was too stressful. It was like I was seeing apparitions.” 

In regards to whether or not she would ever do a duet album with Urban, Nicole Kidman added, “I have this thing. Just stay in your lane, right? I shouldn’t be trying to get into his lane. I’m fine where I am.”

Nicole Kidman Talks About Her Miniseries ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’

While also chatting with Jimmy Fallon, Nicole Kidman shares more details about her miniseries Nine Perfect Strangers. The show premiered on August 18th through Hulu. It follows nine stressed city dwellers who visit a boutique health-and-wellness resort, which promises healing and transformation. 

“This show is such a trippy ride,” Nicole Kidman declared in her interview. She also said she portrays a Russian woman who treats people for their trauma or whatever they are going through. 

Starring alongside Nicole Kidman in the series is Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon, Luke Evans, Samara Weaving, and Asher Keddie. Kidman also told Fallon that everything is going down in the eighth episode of the series. “And the finale happens to be my favorite episode. So that’s kind of good. But it gets crazy.”

Nicole Kidman goes on to add that she didn’t really get to know anybody in the cast.

“Which was kind of great. So I just stayed as this Russian woman and related to everybody through my character. It was actually weird.”

The eighth and final episode of Nine Perfect Strangers is now available on streaming service Hulu.