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Keith Urban Comments on ‘One Too Many’ Duet with Pink: ‘It’s Not Country’

by Jacklyn Krol
Photo credit: NBC, Getty Images

Keith Urban said that his duet with Pink is not country. The country singer from Australia opened up about the recently-released hit in a new interview with Variety.

What Keith Urban Had to Say

The country hitmaker spoke with Variety in an interview published on October 1. Their duet is quickly rising the country radio charts but it’s not really genre-specific.

“I can’t label what the song is,” he admitted. “It’s not country. It’s just a great song, about a very universal situation.” The situation he’s referring to is the lyrics in the song that depict two people drinking alone who realize that they’re better off together.

“There’s a lot of great singers (that) know how to use their voice really well,” he said of his collaborator. “But she’s one of those rare, rare artists who can tell the story when she sings — really tell the story — and I feel it. And it doesn’t matter if it’s ‘Get This Party Started’ or something from ‘The Greatest Showman,’ the complete opposite ends of things… All the strength, rawness, courage, swagger — all the colors of humanity, I always feel that when she sings.”

All About ‘One Too Many’

The rocker and country crooner premiered the song during the 2020 ACM Awards. Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, their performance was done virtually with the help of green screens.

Their latest single is off of Urban’s album, The Speed of Sound Part 1. Urban recorded the song while in Australia while Pink recorded her verses at home in Los Angeles.

Urban sang her praises prior to their debut performance. “I’ve always loved Pink’s voice,” Urban shared. “But her artistry and her multi-faceted ability to create, and her God-given talent, truly makes her one of the greatest voices of our time.”

“When I collaborate, I’m always looking for that ‘third thing,’” he shared. “There’s what I do, there’s what my collaborator does and then there’s this ‘third thing’ that I’m most curious about.  That’s what interests me the most – when the sum of the parts becomes even more than what I envisioned.  That’s what I love so much about it – finding common ground, shaping it, and bringing it together.”

Pink has previously stepped into the country realm, performing at a handful of awards shows and mingling with country’s brightest. She dueted with Kenny Chesney on their 2016 hit, “Setting The World On Fire.”

She previously created the group You+Me alongside Dallas Green. The duo was a folk/country project that released one album together.