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Keith Urban Says Playing Songs Live for the First Time Has Been a ‘Strange Feeling’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo By Debra L. Rothenberg/Wireimage)

Keith Urban is just as excited as anyone to be back out on the road again. However, the return to the road has not been a smooth transition. The pandemic put a lot of things on hold. While artists were able to release new music throughout 2020, there were no tours to promote those projects. Due to a lack of shows, many albums are basically brand new to audiences across the country and the world.

Recently, ahead of his new tour Keith Urban spoke openly with Billboard about the feeling of performing his new material for the first time. He was in the middle of a Las Vegas residency when the pandemic brought everything to a halt. So, now in the latter half of 2021, he is finally back out on tour and ready to play.

Urban discussed how some artists have found it odd to play songs for the first time and have entire crowds singing along from the start. The same goes for the New Zealand-born country superstar.

“That was very much the case with us with God Whispered Your Name, and, One Too Many. Playing both of those at the two festivals we played was crazy because they played like big-ass hit songs. We barely know them ourselves.”

Usually, artists release new music and then hit the road to promote the project as the public gets to learn the music on the radio and on tour. Now, the songs have already been out and on the radio for over a year. So, the dynamic is different but still interesting. After laughing a bit, Keith Urban only had two words to sum it all up.

“Strange feeling.”

No More Keith Urban Albums?

Keith Urban has had quite a career. Since 1991 he has put out 12 studio albums, released almost 50 music videos, and had 30 total No. 1 singles along with 11 other charted songs. He has been one of the biggest stars in the world for the last two decades and likely one of the top non-American artists ever.

When he put out his last album, The Speed of Now Part 1, last September, it was assumed there would be a part two. However, that might not be the case. When talking to Taste of Country, he made his point pretty simple. “Honestly, I don’t even know about albums for me right now.” This is a bit like Sturgill Simpson’s move away from solo projects and more towards producing.

Despite the similarity, it seems that Keith Urban wants to put out new music, but he wants to do more “sport recording.” This would give him more flexibility and freedom in the studio versus having to crank out an entire album. So, perhaps there will not be a Part 2 to his latest album after all.