Keith Urban ‘Proves ‘Em Wrong’ in Throwback Clip of Talent Show Judge Doubting His Abilities as a Teen

by Courtney Blackann

It’s hard to imagine a time where Keith Urban was ever questioned about his fierceness as a performer. The country music star has topped the charts for years. He’s not only a great vocal performer. Urban is versatile in the instruments he plays. Everything from banjo, guitar and piano – he’s done it all. On top of this, he’s also an experienced songwriter with some of the greatest collaborations in the last decades.

But recently, the star posted a clip of himself as a young musician trying to prove he’s got the chops to make it. One judge questions his ability to be successful without the backings of a band or other singers.

“ just gotta prove ’em wrong,” Urban captions his Instagram post.

While the judge tells him he may not be strong enough as a solo performer to captivate an audience, Urban links the video to his wildly successful solo performances in concerts around the country amid sold out audiences.

Three Grammys and 11 albums later, Urban is a household name with dozens of number one hits including “Stupid Boy” and “Start a Band” which he recorded with Brad Paisley. The New Zealand-born singer/songwriter has created a career as a solo artist no one could criticize – with multiple platinum albums.

Urban’s commitment to his music surpassed anyone else’s expectations, solidifying his name in the ranks of greatest country star’s of all time.

Somewhere that judge is biting his tongue for ever doubting the talent of Keith Urban.

Keith Urban’s Collaborations

As the singer matured in the country world, he also developed a few A-list friends along the way. Not to mention his Aussie wife and Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman.

Urban has continued to push the limits of country and collaborate with some of the best. While Urban has worked with Miranda Lambert and most recently lent vocals to Taylor Swift’s remake of her previous albums, Urban also worked with Erich Church – someone who he said is a great friend and inspiration.

In a recent interview, the country artist teased Church’s song “Give Me Back My Hometown” for the line in the song that talks about pizza.

“Eric and I are really good buds. And he is just – to me he is one of the truly great songwriters. He will be remembered forever as a great, great songwriter,” Urban said in a recent interview on the Bobby Bones Show.

“And so when he puts a song out, I’m really excited to hear it. So when I heard that song, and it got to that line, I went ‘No! You didn’t write ‘cheer me up’ with ‘Pizza Hut’, Eric, what are you doing?’ And it really, it bothered me. I just thought it was a big cop-out. And the more I heard that song, I thought, ‘Well, first of all, that’s exactly what happened.’ It’s the truth, it’s true – and that became my favorite lyric in the whole song. It had teeth. It stuck out.”