Keith Urban Says He Might Not Release Any More Albums

by Taylor Cunningham

Keith Urban might just be done with the old-school way of making it in the music industry. In an interview with Taste of Country, the Australian country crooner said he’s doesn’t know if he wants to release another studio record.

This may seem like an odd change of pace, considering Urban’s last release was a record entitled The Speed of Sound 1. Adding the 1 leads us to believe that at least a 2 would follow. But as he said in his interview, “Honestly, I don’t even know about albums for me right now.” 

Urban, who has been in the music business for over two decades, said he simply doesn’t want to go through the process anymore. But we don’t need to panic because he’s not walking away from the microphone or the radiowaves.

The But For The Grace of God singer just wants to take a different approach. He would like to stick to the “sport recording” method. Sport recording allows artists to be more authentic. So in Urban’s case, once he thinks up a song, he records it and releases it. This way, he doesn’t have to tediously piece together an album and then put time and money into marketing.

“I love writing and recording new music, and if it’s a song or if it’s two or if it’s six or if it’s 13, it comes when it comes,” he said. “I just assume ‘get it out,’ honestly. Just keep it coming.”

And other artists prefer sports recording over the traditional route as well. The most notable singer is Blake Shelton. But not every music star has the support of their record company or manager. But Urban’s manager is on board. In fact, it was his idea to send Urban’s latest single, Wild Hearts, out into the wild without marketing or an album.

“He [Urban’s manager] goes, ‘I think we should just put it out now,'” Urban told Taste of Country. “I’m like, ‘We literally just put out an album in September,’ and he’s like ‘Yeah, but it feels good.'”

Johnny Cash Inspired Keith Urban’s Latest Single

Speaking of Keith Urban’s latest release—Wild Hearts was inspired by Johnny Cash.

When songwriters first presented the piece to Urban, he wasn’t sold. He told them that he didn’t connect with it. But the chorus stuck in his head. And after a week of thinking about it, he told them he’d reconsidered. He would record the single, but only if he could tweak a few verses. He wanted to include his first memory of a country concert.

“That was a profound first concert for anybody, let alone a 5-year-old,” Keith Urban said. “That’s the loudest, drunkest group of people I had ever been around and it was exciting. You’re five years old and just packed in this arena and I was just so mesmerized by how loud everybody was.”

So he worked that experience into the opening line. When he sings “my dad’s stare,” he’s talking about his father’s expression as he watched Johnny Cash on stage.

“I remember at one point, my dad’s expression. Like staring at this guy on stage in a way I’d never seen him stare at somebody. Like transfixed,” Urban continued. “I’m sure a child psychologist would probably say I wish he stared at me like that. ‘I’ve never gotten that stare. What’s that guy doing out there to get my dad’s attention like that?’”