Keith Urban Says He Was Disappointed by Eric Church’s Song ‘Give Me Back My Hometown’: Here’s Why

by Courtney Blackann

Country music is rooted in its melodies and harmonies. The music alone is often deeply felt and meaningful. The lyrics add to the pain, heartbreak or joy of the tune. Artist Keith Urban is a gripping songwriter who cultivates genuine stories out of his music. So it’s no wonder that he holds his fellow artists to high standards.

The “Somebody Like you” singer recently shared why he was disappointed when he first heard “good bud” Eric Church’s song “Give Me Back My Hometown”. The two artists have recorded music together and developed major respect for one another as well as a friendship throughout the years.

Church’s song for the record The Outsiders was written in 2013. It’s a candid look at nostalgic memories surrounding a high school romance.

The Line Keith Urban Questioned

Church also pours his emotions into his songs and the “Hometown” hit was no different. But Keith Urban didn’t like a certain line in the song.

“My friends try to cheer me up/We get together at the Pizza Hut” is the line that absolutely irked Urban when he first heard it.

“Eric and I are really good buds. And he is just – to me he is one of the truly great songwriters. He will be remembered forever as a great, great songwriter,” Urban said in a recent interview on the Bobby Bones Show.

“And so when he puts a song out, I’m really excited to hear it. So when I heard that song, and it got to that line, I went ‘No! You didn’t write ‘cheer me up’ with ‘Pizza Hut’, Eric, what are you doing?’ And it really, it bothered me. I just thought it was a big cop-out. And the more I heard that song, I thought, ‘Well, first of all, that’s exactly what happened’ It’s the truth, it’s true – and that became my favorite lyric in the whole song. It had teeth. It stuck out.”

The Country Stars Team Up

Furthermore, the two country music veterans have really enjoyed collaborating on projects together. In 2015, Urban asked Church if he’d be interested in recording a duet. The song debuted on Urban’s “Fuse” album.

“I felt this song was such a journey and a deeply American aspect to this song too, particularly in the second verse,” said Urban. “… it’s such a cinematic song, and I’ve always considered Eric as a cinematic artist…” Urban said at the time.

Though it was not originally set to be a duet, the collaboration of the two artists makes it something really special. Together with its impressive guitar work and sound storyline, Urban said he was thrilled Church wanted to be a part of it.