Keith Urban Speaks Out on Playing Songs for First Time, Struggling to Remember Words

by Madison Miller

From writing a song to recording a song to performing a song to then having it become a hit, Keith Urban has a process that is pretty similar to a lot of popular artists.

However, in a recent Academy of Country Music Awards interview, Keith Urban opened up about what it’s like to play a song for the first time.

“When I perform a song for the first time, it’s a mix of things. It depends where I’m playing it. But I think the thing that mostly happens with me is I’m just hoping I remember the words. It doesn’t always pan out that way,” Urban said.

Despite how many times he may practice a song or play it in a studio, there’s always a level of nerves associated with playing a brand new song.

Urban has had a lot of new songs in the last year. In 2020 he released “The Speed of Now Part 1.” It features 16 new songs and collaborations with Eric Church, BRELAND, Nile Rodgers, and P!nk. He recently said that he is in the process of creating the second part of the album. At this point, he’s still writing songs and working in the studio.

Keith Urban is one of the most successful country artists in the world right now. He has released a total of 11 studio albums and has had 37 singles land on the U.S. Hot Country Songs. Besides his smooth voice, Urban is known for his killer abilities on the guitar. He brings a special level of uniqueness to the genre.

He once said his favorite advice he ever got was, “You’re really unique and it will be your biggest curse until it becomes your greatest blessing. And I’ve carried that through so many years.” It’s safe to say his uniqueness is at the point of being a blessing to the world.

Keith Urban Strangest Gig

Keith Urban will be taking a break while working on his album and hanging out with his family to co-host the ACM Awards alongside Mickey Guyton. The show is this Sunday, April 18. This is Urban’s second year in a row having the job.

In addition to hosting, he will also be performing his song “Tumbleweed” and has also been teasing a collaboration with Guyton.

His only nomination is for “One Too Many,” his collaboration alongside P!nk. Urban opened up on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on what one of his least favorite gigs was.

He said he and his band played in a tiny Australian airport once.

“My manager at the time, I think had done some very questionable deal to get us a couple of airline tickets. We had a three-piece band and we were just gonna play at this little airport…one baggage carousel, that’s how small the airport is,” Urban said.

However, the worst part was where exactly Urban and the band had to play. He ended up playing on the small carpeted area above the baggage carousel. A few people came to watch, however, when the baggage shot down, everyone grabbed their bags and left.

He really has had quite the upgrade, from baggage claim to the ACM stage.