Kellie Pickler Calls on Congress To Build War on Terror Memorial

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Joey Foley/Getty Images)

Country mega-star and 2021 USO Global Ambassador Kellie Pickler is using her platform to raise awareness for US soldiers. And she thinks it’s time for Congress to build a memorial for the service members who have lost their lives fighting the War on Terror. “This is not about politics,” she said. “This is about patriots and doing what is right.”

Kellie Pickler has been an active member of the USO since 2007. Her close friend Jane Horton is a Gold Star wife. And Horton motivated Pickler to get involved.

And the singer has shown true dedication to the USO. Since joining the organization, she has done 12 USO tours. On top of that, she has won the Department of Defense Spirit of Hope Award, the USO Heart for the Warrior Award, and the Chris Kyle Patriot Award.

During an interview with Fox News, Kellie Pickler said she chose to represent the USO because the red, white, and blue means everything to her. And if it weren’t for the soldiers, she wouldn’t live the happy, healthy life that she enjoys.

And now that she’s the official USO spokesperson, she’s calling on Congress to dedicate a spot in the National Mall to the men and women who have fought the War on Terror. She believes that too many soldiers have given the ultimate sacrifice. And we all “need a place to go and heal and pay our respects.”

“When you have the opportunity to be a part of something that matters, you do it,” Pickler added.

Why Country Singer Kellie Pickler is Passionate About the USO

Kellie Pickler is passionate about the USO and everything it stands for. Furthermore, the American Idol finalist believes that everyone should serve those who serve us “in some capacity.” And she plans on spending her life devoting her time to military members.

“I do not wear the uniform. I have not made that ultimate sacrifice. But I will serve those who serve,” she promised. “And I will show my support and appreciation to our veterans, and our fallen, and their families. It is imperative, more so now than ever, that they know that we do not take what they have done for granted.”

Pickler reminded everyone that “freedom does not come free,” and she asked her fans to support the War on Terror Memorial by reaching out to their state representatives and senators.

“I am blessed to be a part of something that matters,” she continued. “I encourage everyone to reach out to their senators—Congress—and be a voice for the broken. We need to come together and heal. This is the United States of American, and we should be united.”