Kelly Clarkson and Jay Leno Race Tractors, Go Off-Roading in New Video: WATCH

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

On a recent episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, Jay and Kelly Clarkson put the world’s first methane-powered tractors to the test.

While Jay typically gets behind the wheel of flashy sports cars or vintage collectibles, the idea of fully methane-powered farm equipment piqued his interest. So he invited his county music-singing friend to join him in a race at Underwood Farms, which sits about 40 minutes outside of Los Angeles, California, in a town called Mooresville.

But Jay didn’t mean a drag race. The challenge was more of an obstacle course. To win, the competitor had to lift bales of hay, do a slalom, dump the hay in a designated area, and then plow a strip before reaching the finish line first.

Kelly Clarkson and Jay Leno Highlight a Tractor that Uses Fuel Made Right on the Farm

The equipment is a New Holland T6-180 Methane Tractor, an innovative invention that the company hopes will overtake the global farm equipment industry, which should reach nearly $98 billion by 2030.

At $213,000, the T6-180 may seem like a pricey investment. However, it is completely carbon neutral. And to fuel it, farmers can simply use the waste that their own animals leave behind.

The equipment comes with a “digester” that turns animal droppings of all kinds into gas on the spot. What’s best is that the tractor performs exactly the same as the standard gasoline or diesel-guzzling varieties with its 6.7L 6-cylinder engine and 145 horsepower.

“So it’s basically free fuel,” New Holland Marketing Manager Dan Valen says in the clip.

Kelly Clarkson was particularly interested in the concept. As she shared in the clip, she has a goal of turning her 40-acre Montana ranch into a self-sustaining farm.

“This is what they call a self-sustaining farm in the sense that you have a tractor. But the tractor runs on methane, which is really just the manure from the pig,” he said, as he pointed toward a pig.

The promo doesn’t show the actual head-to-head competition. But it does show both of the celebrities, who have never manned a tractor in their lives, learn how to drive the heavy and complicated machinery. And apparently, it drives just like a manual transmission car, which is something Kelly Clarkson can only do in “an emergency.”

To watch the entire race and see who comes out the victor, head over to CNBC Prime. And catch new episodes, tune into CNBC every Wednesday night at 10.