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Kelsea Ballerini Sounds Off During Election Night: ‘There’s A Hole in The Bottle”

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Kelsea Ballerini eloquently expresses the stress of election night while tweeting the title of her song “there’s a hole in the bottle”, which seems to be quite fitting to fans.

She also replied to a tweet asking if anyone had begun drinking. Ballerini was quick to say that yes, she was sipping on something strong.

There Appear To Be Holes in Plenty of Bottles

Fans seem to agree with Ballerini. Many are replying to her tweets, seeming to be turning to their own liquid coping mechanisms.

Kelsea Ballerini also posted a GIF of herself in a since deleted tweet that said, “We all deserve a drink.”

One lyric says, “This helps make a gathering cheerful and friendly”. Oh, how this gathering of watching the future of America be decided is truly deserving of a more cheerful and friendly perspective.


One Twitter user took a photo of a wine glass, with Ballerini’s lyrics imprinted on the cup. The tweet reads, ‘Same sis’, as the election results stream on the TV in the background.

Other tweets read “leaking all this wine… into our stomachs because we’re stressed”, “We are feeling your pain in the U.K.”, “Glad I’m not the only one who stopped on the way home from work for wine #cheersfriends”, and “there are holes in the bottles* …we gonna need multiple bottles hun”.

Even younger fans are joining in on the action. One underage voter said, “Since I’m not of age until April can you drink a couple glasses for me?”

A Tall Glass of Humor

Regardless of age or alcohol, Ballerini brought a little laughter to Twitter when it was badly needed.

Several responses have added some more entertainment to election night, with one of those being:

The Song That Started it All

Ballerini’s song “Hole in The Bottle” is the fourth song off her studio album “kelsea” released in March.

She premiered the album at Amazon Country Heat at the 2020 CRS. Ballerini described the song to the crowd as her “first drinking song”.

By the end of this election, we may all be needing our “first drinking song”, or holes in some more bottles.