Kelsea Ballerini Fires Back at Social Media Critic Over New Song ‘Hole in the Bottle’

by Madison Miller

While social media is the ultimate tool for artists to promote new music, share music videos, and interact with fans, it’s also a good place to clap back at haters. Kelsea Ballerini responded to a fan that decided to give her some unwelcome criticism on social media. It was regarding her song, “Hole in the Bottle.”

Kelsea Ballerini Versus Haters

The fan wrote, “@KelseaBallerini, I really hate your bottle of wine song and I hear it a million times a day.”

To which the country artist replied, “that’s because it’s in the top 5 most played songs in the country this week. Cheers.”

While most of the time the advice is to block out haters and criticism, sometimes they can be the perfect opportunity to show off your success.

Her song peaked at No.8 on the U.S. Country Airplay charts as well.

As for social media and knowing fans, Ballerini considers it a really important part of her role as an entertainer.

“It’s the only way that I can connect with people now, so yeah, it’s really forced me to go there and show what I’m doing … the people that have shown up to shows for six years, I know them by name. To be able to really stick with people like that is nice. I also think that as a fan, I get invested in the artist, and that’s why I love the music. I know that a lot of people that listen to my music are the same way, where like they listen to what I put out because I’m putting it out,” Ballerini said in an interview with Billboard.

Emotional Health in 2021

Besides getting entertainingly sassy with her fans, Kelsea Ballerini has more plans for her 2021.

For her, it will all be focused on the word “healthy.”

“My word of 2021 is ‘healthy’ … I want to nurture and focus on my physical, mental, and emotional health that all took a bit of a backseat last year (anyone else?),” she wrote on an Instagram post.

She said that having a word to describe her year makes her “stay focused and keeps my intentions set.”

Ballerini has been taking this time away to really settle in. She and her husband, Morgan Evans, moved into the suburbs away from their original downtown Nashville apartment.

“Honestly, [the move] just [is] giving us a little bit of purpose … I’ve obviously not had a lot of things to do this year other than make records, so I have needed to put my time and creativity into something, and getting this house together has definitely been a good outlet for me,” she told PEOPLE.

She released her album “Kelsea” in 2020 as well as its stripped-down version, “Ballerini” in the fall. She performed “Hole in the Bottle” at the CMA Awards. Ballerini has also teamed up with Shania Twain to perform her hit country song.

With its popularity, no wonder that fan keeps hearing it on the radio.