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Kelsea Ballerini as Guy Fieri May Be the Best Halloween Costume Among Country Music Stars

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

One of the best parts of Halloween has to be seeing how your favorite celebrities celebrate the occasion. The country music scene definitely delivered this year. Dolly Parton gave us some nostalgic vibes sharing a sweet throwback snap of her with a Jack-O-Lantern. Trisha Yearwood also opted for a less spooky celebration by sharing photos of her and Garth Brooks’ rescue pups dressed as little superheroes. The Aldeans really took the cake, though, for their embodiment of Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. There’s just one person that might have them beat and that’s Kelsea Ballerini.

The country-pop superstar recently celebrated her 28th birthday on September 12th with her loving husband, Morgan Evans. Evans took to Instagram that day to post a tribute reminding Ballerini how “hot” she is. And, well, it looks like she took that comment and ran all the way to “Flavortown” with it for Halloween this year.

The singer rocks a bleached wig, dual-toned facial hair, sunglasses, and iconic flamin’ tee. You can catch her stirrin’ the pot on her Instagram page here:

Answering Serious Questions in Silly Costumes

Back in 2016, Kelsea Ballerini made an appearance on the Bobby Bones Show. Here, she joined the host for a segment to answer some serious questions while donning a silly kangaroo costume. Her Guy Fieri costume still takes the cake, but Ballerini makes a pretty adorable kangaroo nonetheless.

Check it out:

What’s Cooking for Kelsea Ballerini?

On October 27th, Kelsea Ballerini played a sold-out show at the Hollywood Bowl in Southern California. It actually wrapped up a run of forty-one shows for the star and helped her fulfill a childhood dream– touring with the Jonas Brothers for their “Remember This” tour. Although she’s been teasing fans with behind-the-scenes snaps of a new album, music’s not the only venture Kelsea Ballerini has cooking.

Turns out, the star is also trying her hand at poetry. She tweeted out this preview for the upcoming “Feel Your Way Through” book back on September 2nd. It includes a brief excerpt from one of her poems titled “Growing.” Check it out:

A more recent tweet from Kelsea Ballerini reveals that she’ll actually be going live for the book’s official drop on November 3rd at 7 pm CT. Here on the Talk Shop Live platform, she plans to answer any questions fans have about her debut book of poetry. She says of the casual event: “We’re going to hang out and it’s going to be really fun.” In the meantime, the site allows fans to order signed copies and opt-in for a reminder closer to the night of the stream.