Kelsea Ballerini Opens Up About Humiliating Herself In Front of Miranda Lambert

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for CMA)

Yesterday on the Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelsea Ballerini joined Clarkson to share some stories and some laughs. On the show, Ballerini discussed a time where she completely embarrassed herself in front of the country music veteran and her hero, Miranda Lambert. While she and Miranda Lambert don’t know each other well, they surely did after this.

At least Lambert will never forget her after this absolutely humiliating story.

Kelsea Ballerini went on to explain how she ended up breaking a glass of wine at the CMAs while talking to Lambert. Not only did she shatter the wine glass, but she did so in her mouth. This caused her lip to start bleeding and just turned into an overall disaster for the young star.

Kelsea Ballerini: The Girl Who Ate Glass

“I embarrass myself a lot, but I went to the CMAs and they had them in person,” Kelsea Ballerini explains on the show. “Afterward, I don’t know Miranda Lambert very well, she’s kind of someone I randomly have not crossed paths with around the country music world. I still get really nervous around her because I just want to be her friend.”

“I was talking to her manager, with Miranda right beside her,” Kelsea Ballerini continued. “And I was drinking [a glass of wine] and it hit my tooth and shattered in my mouth! It cut my lip and I had to spit out the bloody glass and run to the bathroom in front of her. I think everyone was like ‘Did she just eat glass? Is that something she does?'”

In the end, Kelsea Ballerini was able to stop her lip from bleeding and attempt to mend the situation. It may not be the best first impression on a country music icon, but it is a memorable one. As Kelly Clarkson’s guest pointed out, Miranda Lambert definitely knows Kelsea Ballerini now, just as the girl who ate glass.

No Wine in Dry January

Good news for Kelsea Ballerini: she can’t break a wine glass in her mouth if she doesn’t drink any wine. In a recent Tik Tok video, the young star shared a remix to her hit song “Hole in the Bottle” for those holding off on drinking. She captioned the post “for anyone missing happy hour” and sang while playing guitar.

“There’s no hole in the bottle, my January’s dry,” Kelsea Ballerini sang in the video. “Every glass of water I’m pretending it is wine. On the first of February I won’t even wait ’till five to put a hole in that bottle of wine.”