Kelsea Ballerini Opens Up About ‘What’s Crazy About’ Shania Twain and Their Collaboration

by Madison Miller

Country artist Kelsea Ballerini teamed up with the legendary Shania Twain for Ballerini’s single, “Hole in the Bottle.” Ballerini said that the collaboration just made sense.

According to her, it’s partially because of a lot of mutual respect and partially because “We’ve had lots of wine together, Shania and I.”

The song is on her 2020 album, “ballerini.” However, both Twain and Ballerini were looking to do a duet in the future. It just slowly made more and more sense for their collaboration to be on this catchy drinking song.

Ballerini appeared on “The Bobby Bones Show” to talk about her recent work as well as collaborating with Shania Twain. While talking about her album she said the goal was to make something more emotional and “grown-up.”

“Hole in the Bottle” was a song that came out of a little bit of drunken fun. It’s a breakup song that talks about getting over someone with a little help from wine. Although it doesn’t have the element of seriousness she’s talking about, it is meant to be light and fun. It’s the standout song on her album.

“People still need an escape, they need a laugh, they need to feel light and happy. I think this is escapism in song form. I put it on the record to sing live,” Ballerini said.

Although she only got the chance to sing the song live once before COVID-19 happened. She’s hoping she’ll get the chance again in the future. While the song has been a No. 1 hit and an overall massive success, how did Shania Twain get on board?

Teaming Up With Twain

Shania Twain doesn’t just sing with anyone. It’s the same for Kelsea Ballerini. There has to be an element of mutual respect. For Ballerini, she thinks of Twain as more of a “queen.”

Bobby Bones asked Ballerini if she personally asked Twain for a collab or if someone else did it for her.

“Every collaboration that’s ever happened it was me reaching out,” Ballerini said. When she teamed up with Kenny Chesney for “half of my hometown” she also asked personally.

She said that unless she feels like she can personally reach out, it’s likely not the right person or the right time. Ballerini said that what was “crazy” about the whole situation is that earlier in quarantine Twain actually reached out to her. She said she was working on a project and wanted to work together in the future.

Kelsea Ballerini Reaches Out

The two sent different lines or choruses back and forth, but nothing really stuck. That is until Ballerini released her song “Hole in the Bottle.” She then had the realization, why not this one?

‘This song is her vibe anyways. It’s fun and kitschy. I emailed her, ‘What about this? It’s already out I kinda tribute you in the video, are you down?'” Ballerini said.

In her original video, she is dressed in clothing that is very reminiscent of Twain’s style. It is especially clear that Ballerini is referencing Twain’s outfit from “The Woman in Me.”

In an interview with Billboard, she raved about how Twain is her “mentor” and said, “‘Wait a second. I idolize this woman. She’s one of the main reasons I am a female in country music. And I tip my hat to her in this music video.’ She has this wonderful, witty sense of humor, and this banter that she’s known for in her music, that this song lends itself to.”