Kelsea Ballerini Reveals Video Tour of Closet Filled With Heels: ‘I’m a Bit of A Shoe Hoarder’

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Rick Kern/WireImage via Getty Images)

Kelsea Ballerini is giving fans what they asked for in a recent TikTok video. The country music artist asked her fans on social media what they wanted to see and it seems like it’s Ballerini’s closet that got the most votes.

“Closet tour time,” Kelsea Ballerini says as she serves up this short clip.


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She opens the door to her walk-in closet that is neatly organized. She tilts the camera up to show off the “ceiling wallpaper” and chandelier. The “Peter Pan” singer says, “I love ceiling wallpaper. I don’t know why can’t explain it.” Then she tilts the camera back down to show her window bench seat, complete with throw pillows. One is clearly from Chanel.

Kelsea Ballerini Shows Off Shoe Collection

“Over here are my shoes,” Ballerini says as she moves the camera around to show all her shoes. “I’m a bit of a shoe hoarder. I can’t help it.”

Her collection is pretty extensive. There are several floor-to-ceiling shelves with shoes lined up neatly. They’re organized by color as well as style. We spot some designer heels from Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo, just to name a few.

Additionally, there are boots in many different colors and styles that also sit on the shelves. Some of the shoes are adorned with rhinestones and jewels. Others are sparkly with glitter, and some have prints like polka dots and floral patterns.

If we had to guess, Kelsea Ballerini probably has more than 100 pairs of shoes.

Kelsea Continues Closet Tour

Then Kelsea Ballerini moves on, showing off her many racks of clothes. Next up is her “dresser section” as she calls it. There are several different pairs of sunglasses and perfumes. What’s more, Ballerini opens a cabinet where her belts, scarves, and purses are stored.

“Then we have all of the fun dresses and sparkly things because if you know me, you know that I like a lot of glitter,” states the singer-songwriter. Ballerini moves the camera around with the “sparkle” filter so it shows off her various, glittery garments.

Kelsea Ballerini caps off the video with “Ta-da!” and a leg kick.