Kenny Chesney ‘Can’t Wait’ to Get His ‘Here and Now’ Stadium Tour Underway in April

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Like the rest of country music‘s biggest stars, Kenny Chesney is planning to head out on tour this spring. And ahead of the tour’s start, the “Knowing You” singer cannot wait to hit the road. “The King of the Road” plans to kick off the Here and Now 2022 Tour next month.

Kenny Chesney fans know just how much the No Shoes Nation icon loves to headline massive arenas while on tour. So his excitement for the upcoming summer concert season is nothing to be surprised about. However, it’s several years spent away from live music that makes this year’s return so special.

In speaking to the long gap between live performances, Kenny Chesney said, “I never thought we’d be away from ‘No Shoes Nation’ for three years. Now we finally have the chance to spend the summer together again.”

The beach-browned singer continued, “I really want to provide as many opportunities as possible for everyone to come out and celebrate the music; the sense of community and the way we all feel so alive when we’re together celebrating what we love.”

Kenny Chesney’s excitement to head back on tour this summer has Outsiders across the country anticipating memorable summer nights. The concert lineup is evenly split this year between arena and amphitheater settings. So we’re sure to see the full breadth of the country artist’s talent and passion come to life.

“Whether stadiums or amphitheaters,” the “Happy Does” singer said, “I can’t wait to see my favorite people in the world.”

And I can assure you, the feeling’s mutual Kenny.

Kenny Chesney’s Looking Forward to Another Seasonal Event Amid the ‘Here and Now 2022 Tour’

In addition to summer concert season, the arrival of spring means that baseball across the country is back on. From little league teams up through the MLB, warm weather indicates summer nights beneath stadium lights aren’t too far away.

Kenny Chesney’s known for his love of all things beachy. However, he’s also a major fan of baseball, not to mention all kinds of sports. Now, Outsiders are again preparing for their favorite seasonal pastime. Meanwhile, Kenny Chesney took time to speak about his experience helping produce “More Than A Voice.”

The 90-minute documentary, which details the iconic SEC College Football Announcers, is set to air this fall, on Sunday, September 26th. During which, Outsiders will have the chance to learn about the voices that eventually became as crucial to college football as the players and coaches themselves.

“It was important to me to be a part of this film,” Kenny Chesney said. “John Ward was such a big part of my life growing up and loving sports in east Tennessee. With his voice and his words, he painted a picture of Tennessee football that captured my imagination and the imaginations of so many.”