Kenny Chesney Celebrates the Sun & Sea Surprise Dropping New ‘Beautiful World’ Video

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM )

Just when you thought it was just a regular Friday, Kenny Chesney drops a surprise video. Beautiful World was a great gift for fans. Chesney is always looking out for No Shoes Nation and trying to give them the best. During this summer without a tour from the country artist, this is a treat for fans.

During non-COVID times, Chesney tours like crazy in the summers. That’s kind of his thing. There is a heavy focus on the beach, boating, and enjoying a beer or two. Over the course of his career, he has a history of selling out the country’s best stadiums. He even hangs out in the parking lot with fans because Chesney is an entertainer through and through.

With over 30 number one hits, Kenny Chesney knows how to make a great country song. Hits like Get Along, American Kids, Wild Child, and more, Beautiful World is more of those same beach vibes and good times. Watch the video below.

Kenny Chesney Inspired by No Shoe Nation

In a press release, Kenny Chesney said, “There’s so much wonder out in the world, so many things that can take your breath away right in front of you.”

Beautiful World is a celebration of that wonder.

“Like the faces of No Shoes Nation, I see every time I’m on that stage – or just traveling around – that happiness and passion? It inspires me,” the country artist says.

Chesney says he wanted to capture that inspiration and that energy in the song. “I was thinking about that feeling, thinking about how I could maybe capture it — and give it back to the people.” During the video, it looks like he is having a great time. That’s what he wants to share with his fans.

Kenny Chesney explained the connection he wanted to make with fans with the song.

“So from me to No Shoes Nation, until we’re together again, take this video and remember, it really is a beautiful world.” Such a great message during these times.

Despite what is going on in the world, it isn’t getting Chesney down. His upbeat music and tunes are a great reminder to stay positive. Even when things seem bleak, you can look around and see the world around you.

“This world is a beautiful place, and I feel bad for all the people who won’t open up their eyes and take that in,” Chesney concluded.