Kenny Chesney Divulges His ‘Mental Process’ of Creating, Recording, Releasing a Song

by Keeli Parkey

Kenny Chesney has had a wildly successful career. That success includes more than 40 top 10 hits. Thirty-one of the Tennessee native’s songs have made it all the way to No. 1.

To be so successful, one must have a process for getting things done. Chesney recently talked about his process on “The Bobby Bones Show.” The host prompts the discussion by asking the singer how he chooses what songs he records.

“What is your song selection process like? Because you are notoriously good at picking songs,” Bones said.

Kenny Chesney sounds very flattered by the comment. “I just try to put myself in the place of the narrator,” he said. “I have to believe that somebody out there that hears it – it’s gonna move them in some way.”

Maybe more importantly, Chesney has a trusted group of individuals who will help him choose what songs to record. “I’ve got a few people around me that’s got really good song sense. I’ve learned song sense over the years … a lot of people in my life help me with that. But, I have to love (the song). And, I have to really live with these songs. And, sometimes it hits me right off the bat and sometimes I have to live with it.”

Chesney also said that he considers what listeners will think about the song before he decides to record it.

“Just to know that a listener on even level is going to care about it,” he added. “That’s kind of the mental process I go through. And, like I said, sometimes it’s evident right off the bat and sometimes it’s got to hit me a little later on.”

You can listen to Kenny Chesney’s interview with Bobby Bones below.

Kenny Chesney Celebrates Anniversary

On Jan. 25, Kenny Chesney shared a celebratory post on social media. The reason for the celebration was the 16th anniversary of his “Be As You Are Album.”

“Today is the 16th anniversary of the release of one my favorite albums that I’ve ever put out,” Chesney said in a Twitter post. Unsurprisingly, Chesney is sitting in an old blue chair and donning a beanie and shorts. “The ‘Be As You Are (Songs from an Old Blue Chair)’ is a collection of songs that I wrote over about a five- or six-year period on my boat down in the islands. And, it was a lot of fun inspiration, I can tell you that.”

In addition, as part of his look back at the album’s release, Chesney shared a performance of “Old Blue Chair.” This is a contemplative song about remembering life’s moments – both major and minor.

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