Kenny Chesney Drops ‘HERE AND NOW’ Deluxe Album, Opens Up About the ‘Freedom’ in Country Music Today

by Anna Dunn
NASHVILLE, TN - NOVEMBER 02: Kenny Chesney accepts the Pinnacle Award onstage at the 50th annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on November 2, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

Country superstar Kenny Chesney dropped a deluxe edition of Here and Now with four new songs. Chesney realized just how important songwriting was to him during the pandemic.

“I have always loved songs and songwriters, being in the studio with the most creative people,” the songwriter said in a press release. “But over the last year, as much as I’ve loved making music – I always have, I’ve realized how much I truly live and breathe songs.”

That realization is evident in Kenny Chesney’s new releases, which breathe new life into an already stellar album.

Kenny Chesney ‘Didn’t Want To Wait’

“I decided I didn’t want to wait for the next album. I wanted these four songs to be part of what Here And Now is – making Here And Now Deluxe maybe shows a little bit of a now we never saw coming,” Chesney explained. He also said that the new release came with a dramatic landscape shift in the ever-changing music industry.

“The rules have been rewritten and rewritten. How we make music, deliver music, consume music, and they’ll probably keep changing,” but for the country music star, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “There’s a freedom in that for guys like me, who love writing, hearing great songs, looking for more where there’s already so much. The idea of adding songs was unheard of a few years ago; now it’s ‘When do you want to release it?'”

Amongst Kenny Chesney’s new songs is the irresistibly catchy Wind On. Its encouraging and joyful lyrics, along with its energetic beat, will make listeners feel like the sun is out and summer is here. Meanwhile, Fields of Glory is a heartachingly nostalgic look at being young.

“Anthem” takes yet another look at youth, this time young love. Melodic and upbeat, the song reflects on first love.

Streets” brings a striking balance to the new songs. The song, which tackles human resilience and the ability to overcome, has a slower and more mellow sound.

The uplifting songs make the deluxe version of Here and Now a must-listen soundtrack for summer. The songs don’t dwell on difficult times as much as celebrate resilience or joyfully reflect on simpler times. For Chesney, that’s exactly what he’s trying to get across.

“The response to ‘Knowing You,’ especially from the ACM Awards and the stories I’m hearing from all over the country, tells me people are looking inside, but not in a sad way,” Kenny Chesney said, “We are grateful for those moments, those people who make us more – and I think that’s what these four additional songs offer, too; appreciation for how rich life is. Even when it’s something we couldn’t have imagined.”

Here and Now Deluxe is available for streaming and purchase. You can see where it’s available on Chesney’s website.