Kenny Chesney Drops New Music Video for ‘Everyone She Knows’

by Lauren Boisvert

Kenny Chesney recently sold his catalog of songs in January, and he’s already filling the void with new music. He just released a millennial anthem and I don’t know if he knows it or not. “Everyone She Knows” perfectly encapsulates everything people my age are going through right now. As in, one-year-away-from-30-somethings.

People that age have always gone through this, though. Your mom keeps asking when you’re going to give her grandchildren; you’ve been on more dates than you can count on both hands; all your friends are getting married and having kids, and all you have waiting for you at home is a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a dog.

The music video for “Everyone She Knows” takes all those things nagging at you and throws them out the window. The video features a woman living in a van, traveling around during a sunny winter, communing with nature. She climbs out of her van to watch the sunrise; stands on the roof and basks in the light of sunset. She’s free, and life is easy, even when it seems like her friends are accomplishing the typical goals of adulthood; house, husband/wife, kids, stable job, etc.

The woman in the video checks her phone a few times throughout, putting it face down like she saw something that upset her. That’s the prevalence of social media in our lives; she checks her Instagram, and another friend from high school just married. Or had a baby. Or bought a house. And she looks around herself and thinks, ‘What am I doing, I’m living in a van.’ But, then she thinks about it again, and it turns into ‘What are they doing, I’m living in a van!

“Ain’t got it all / but I got it all right” is a line that sticks. It lets us know that we’re okay wherever we are in life, as long as we’re happy. There are no invisible milestones to life. Everyone is on their own path, and it’s okay if yours doesn’t match someone else’s.

Kenny Chesney Talks Inspiration for New Music Video

Shane McAnally, Ross Copperman and Josh Osborne wrote “Everyone She Knows,” and Kenny Chesney had a prominent hand in creating the music video. Chesney, who recently announced a 4-month amphitheater tour, spoke about the inspirations for the video.

“I have been surrounded by strong women who lead these lives on their own terms my whole life,” he said. “Nothing is more powerful or interesting than a woman who has a sense of her destiny and is willing to go chase it. It’s not always conventional, but that’s what makes their passion so much stronger […] they have a way of embracing life that’s unlike anyone else – and I think that’s awesome.”

In speaking about the character the woman in the video portrays, Chesney said, “We wanted to show her on the road, in the world, against a backdrop of the path not taken. Whether it’s the woman FaceTiming friends, sitting on top of her van or by the fire, you get that sense of not just how big the world is, but how great her spirit is. To me, those free spirits should be empowered to chase their dreams and show us what the rest of us miss.”