Kenny Chesney To Executive Produce Upcoming SEC Documentary ‘More Than a Voice’

by Chris Haney

On Tuesday, country superstar Kenny Chesney announced that he’s “thrilled” to be part of a new sports documentary about iconic SEC college football announcers.

As part of SEC Storied‘s 11th season, “More Than a Voice” will air on Sunday, September 26. The 90-minute documentary highlights legendary play-by-play voices from the premier college football division in the nation – the Southeastern Conference.

During the early decades of the SEC’s formation, which dates back to the 1930s, radio was the only way to follow most games. As college sports became more prominent on television, game announcers became synonymous with the programs themselves. The voices of the SEC became just as important as the players and coaches on the field.

They included the likes of Tennessee’s John Ward, Georgia’s Larry Munson, and Alabama’s John Forney and Eli Gold. In addition, Florida’s Mick Hubert, Auburn’s Jim Fyffe and Rod Bramblett, and many more helped define what would become the nation’s best college football conference.

Country singer Kenny Chesney was born and raised in Tennessee. He knows SEC football well, and is an executive producer of “More Than a Voice.” He recently spoke about how much Tennessee Volunteers announcer John Ward meant to him.

“It was important for me to be a part of this film, because John Ward was such a big part of my life growing up and loving sports in east Tennessee,” Kenny Chesney explained. “With his voice and his words, he painted a picture of Tennessee football that captured my imagination and the imaginations of so many. Meeting him was one of the highlights of my life – and I’m thrilled to be a small part of this film that sheds light on his genius and so many of the other voices who have made the Southeastern Conference really special.”

Kenny Chesney’s Nashville Ranch up for Sale

Country star Kenny Chesney has a lot going on these days, including adding “executive producer” to his lengthy resume. In fact, he may even be too busy to keep up with his massive estate just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. He recently listed the home on the market for a cool $14 million.

Chesney’s unique 12,000-square foot home sits among the rolling hills of Franklin, Tenn. For reference, just the driveway alone is half a mile long. In 2009, he bought the 56-acre property for $9.25 million. He then went about updating it to his liking by adding limestone fireplaces, Venetian plaster walls, and custom walnut flooring. Additionally, he added a personal gym, infinity pool, spa, and a home theater.

Further, the home is named “Bella Luce”, or beautiful light. It features expansive outdoor views of the area. Kenny Chesney’s spacious estate has high-vaulted ceilings and huge windows that let in plenty of sunlight. The Franklin property sits on private land in an exclusive area of town. It also features an outdoor bar and grill along with miles of unobstructed views.