Kenny Chesney’s Nashville Ranch Hits the Market with a Massive Price Tag

by Courtney Blackann

Superstar Kenny Chesney’s ranch-style home is more of a massive estate than quaint, countryside villa. The gorgeous – and enormous – custom home is for sale, however. That is, if you can spare about $14 million. While most of us are cool with a cute AirBnB getaway, this home is the Ritz Carlton of vacation escapes.

Amid the rolling hills of Franklin, Tenn. sits the unique 12,000+ square foot home. The driveway alone is half a mile long. Set back beneath stunning greenery and private trees, the 56-acre property is the home of anyone’s wildest dreams.

The singer bought the place in 2009 for $9.25 million and soon equipped it with personal touches. These include limestone fireplaces, Venetian plaster walls, custom walnut flooring. Not to mention a personal gym, spa, infinity pool and home theater.

The gorgeous property is set on a very private and exclusive area of Franklin. It’s a mystery why Kenny Chesney would ever let the property go. With an outdoor bar and grill station and miles of unobstructed views, the setting is perfect for a nighttime star-gazing session with a bottle of bubbly.

Appropriately called the “Bella Luce”, or beautiful light, the spacious home has incredibly high-vaulted ceilings and tall windows, letting in tons of sunlight during the day.

We can only imagine the serenity and peace felt while overlooking the rolling, green hills from the spa.

While Chesney didn’t say why he’s giving up the property, whoever buys it is in for quite the star treatment.

Kenny Chesney’s Early Hits

While Chesney is successful enough these days to afford multimillion-dollar estates, back in 1997, he was just getting his start.

He did so with a huge hit: “She’s Got It All.” And the country superstar hasn’t slowed down since. The melodic tune that gave him his first number one is still catchy to this day. Its lyrics combine a dreamlike optimism backed by a fun melody.

“She got it all / My heart, my soul, my wishes / All of my love, my hugs, my kisses / Everything that means anything at all / All of my life I’ve spent a hoping / I could give someone such devotion / Every sweet memory I can recall / She got it all,” the chorus goes.

Since that time, Chesney has grown a lot. While he doesn’t write all of his songs, he still brings unique storylines to everything he releases.

The now 53-year-old is no stranger to number one hit songs and records. With multiple CMA, AMA, ACM and Billboard trophies, Chesney stands the test of time as he keeps reinventing his sound while staying genuinely country.