Kenny Chesney Opens Up About Painfully Relatable Meaning Behind ‘Knowing You’

by Katie Maloney

Country music superstar Kenny Chesney shares the meaning behind the songs on his latest album.

Last year, Kenny Chesney landed his ninth number one album with Here and Now. In doing so, Chesney tied country music icon, Garth Brooks, for most number ones for country acts in the chart’s history. One of the most popular songs on Chesney’s latest album is “Knowing You.”

The song is about thinking about all the moments you shared with someone in your life who is no longer with you. During the song, Chesney sings, “But God, we were so alive. I was a kid on a carnival ride. Holdin’ my breath ’til the moment when you were gonna leave me too soon. But I’d do it all over because damn, it was good knowing you.”

Obviously, many people interpret the song as an ode to a past lover. But Kenny Chesney said the song’s meaning expands beyond just one type of relationship. During an interview, Chesney explained the true meaning behind the song.

“‘Knowing You’ doesn’t have to be a lover that’s gone. It can be a friend who chose to chase a dream and took them on a different life path. Or it can someone who died. When you close your eyes you can just feel and see them. You see everything you learned from them,” said Chesney. “You see all the moments shared, you see all the laughter. And you see all the sunsets and boat trips, maybe all the songs you wrote together. All of these life moments, you see. And you still feel their presence right there with you. And no matter where they are or how they are, all those life moments left a mark on your life that you will take with you forever.”

Kenny Chesney’s “Knowing You”

Kenny Chesney Knew He Loved the Lyrics for ‘Here And Now’ Because it Contradicts His Own Lifestyle

The title track on Kenny Chesney’s latest album is about appreciating that there’s no better place to be in the world than the present moment. During the song, Chesney sings, “Nowhere else in this world tonight. You and me, ain’t it good to be alive. Ain’t no better place, ain’t no better time than here and now.”

As a famous musician, Kenny Chesney has traveled all over the world and is always looking towards the next project or album. And that’s exactly why he felt drawn to record this song. During a recent interview, Chesney explained why he felt it was important to record “Here and Now.”

“I knew it was a contradiction of myself because I’m constantly moving,” said Chesney. “I crave living in the here and now and I know it’s important.”

Kenny Chesney added that the past year has really helped (forced) us all to be still.

“It’s what this time right now has really, really … it’s been good for all of us that are busy that want to be still. Because now we’re forced to be still. And it’s forcing us to live in the here and now,” he said. “…I love the song because it’s what I crave in my life, but it’s also what I want to preach to my audience…We don’t have to worry about yesterday or tomorrow or last week or last year. All we gotta worry about is right here, right now. And love each other and enjoy the music, and that’s what made me really love the song.”