Kenny Chesney Scores 34th No. 1 Single With ‘Knowing You’

by Maggie Schneider

Country superstar Kenny Chesney received his 34th Number 1 on the charts with his new single, “Knowing You.”

Most ballads just don’t make it to country radio anymore. The genre today is full of boot-stomping beats and catchy melodies perfect for a barbecue. However, these trends do not stop Kenny Chesney from reaching the Number 1 spot on country radio with his new single “Knowing You.”

“Knowing You” is a sentimental ballad about losing someone you love. Whether it is from a breakup, death, or another instance, Chesney sings about celebrating the good times. It is about embracing the things that made the relationship special, rather than holding onto the sadness.

“I worry we lose all the love and beauty in sadness over what’s gone,” Chesney says. “My hope, throughout the life of this single, has been for people to take this idea and embrace it, embrace that person they loved who’s gone and celebrate every small thing that was part of their relationship.”

“Knowing You” Music Video

The song’s release includes a cinematic music video. It is directed by Shaun Silva, a long-time music video director working with big acts such as Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, and Rascall Flatts. Chesney discusses his favorite parts of this video.

“One of the things about this video I love is the way you can feel the settings,” he says. “And each location – whether in Gloucester, Mass. or the Virgin Islands — was selected because it feels the way these emotions actually feel.”

Chesney’s acting chops in the video showcase the vulnerability of the song’s lyrics:

But God, we were so alive
I was a kid on a carnival ride
Holdin’ my breath ’til the moment
When you were gonna leave me too soon

It is also important to credit the songwriters. Kat Higgins, Brett James, and Adam James are listed as co-writers on the track. These artists are Nashville staples, writing for big names such as Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.

Chesney’s instincts are correct about the song being a sensation. After his team finding the song too risky for radio, the country superstar went with his gut instinct. This marks his 34th single at Number 1 on the country charts. It turns out that listeners far and wide relate to the emotions he sings about.

“‘Knowing You’ best Kenny Chesney single in 10 years. Old school Kenny sound,” @ronlee1975 says.

Whether you are a country music fan or not, you can’t deny the impact the lyrics make on first glance. With the “Here and Now Tour” soon approaching, fans hope to hear the song live in stadiums across the country.