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Kenny Chesney Talks About How a George Strait Song Led Him to His Commitment to ‘Island Life’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Jason Kempin/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Fans of country music singer Kenny Chesney know he’s all about that “No Shoes Nation” action. Where did he get inspiration for that lifestyle?

Well, Chesney says it all goes back to a song by a true country music legend, George Strait. He talks about that time in his life during an interview with radio talk-show host Bobby Bones

“I was looking at your Instagram and I saw a picture and with it was written, ‘This is when it all started for me, the island life,'” Bones said. “And I guess I didn’t know you before you were ‘Island Kenny’ honestly. So, the first time you go and you’re going to go experience whatever you call the island life, did you go out as a vacation and just go back there thinking this was someplace I’d like to live?”

“Not really,” Chesney said. “The first time I ever went down to the islands was when I shot a music video for ‘How Forever Feels,’ and we had a day off and I took a ferry over to the other island and, Bobby, it was crazy.

Kenny Chesney Heard George Strait Song Walking By A Bar

“I was walking up the street and there was this bar and they had the door open and I heard George Strait coming out of that bar,” he said.

“I walked in and stuck my head in and I said, ‘Is that really George Strait?’ And these two guys looked at me, who ended up being really good friends of mine from Kansas City, they went, ‘Yeah, and are you Kenny Chesney?’ Which really surprised me because this was early in my life, in my journey, in my career.

“But that’s where it all started. It was several, several years ago,” Chesney said.

Take a few minutes and listen to Chesney and Bones chat about this early influence on the country star’s life.

Chesney Shows Commitment To Conserving Ocean Reefs

This type of lifestyle Kenny Chesney chooses to live is one he finds fulfilling in many different ways. He’s putting his money where his heart is, if you will, by helping conserve ocean reefs that are in trouble.

Chesney is dedicated to coral relief through the development of “No Shoes Reefs.” It is a massive undertaking in the Florida region. Groups involved include Coastal Conservation Association Florida and Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management.

Others taking part in the group include Sandoway Discovery Center, Reef Ball Foundation, Building Conservation Trust, and Global SubDive.

Now the goal of “No Shes Reefs” is to help provide a healthier underwater ecosystem.

What have they done so far? Well, one of their ventures includes sending 13 Goliath reef balls off the coast of Delray Beach, Fla. Each reef ball is 7-by-6 feet long and weighs 10,000 pounds. The Goliath reef ball release will begin the work of developing a 32-acre underwater reef park.

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