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Kenny Chesney Teases Release of New Music Video for ‘Everyone She Knows’

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Kenny Chesney has a new music video coming out soon! Are we the only ones waiting by our cellphones for the notification? So far, the 52-year-old singer teased fans with a quick 20-second video for his newest release, “Everyone She Knows.”

In a recent Instagram post, Kenny Chesney gives fans a glimpse at his upcoming music video. It features a freckle-faced woman taking in a beautiful sunset. In case you’re wondering about the premise of this video, Chesney was happy to explain in the caption.

The caption reads, “There’s this idea that you get married, settle down and your life is made. The woman in #everyonesheknows has found a life that works for her, and it’s maybe not what her friends are doing. But it works for her. I’m excited to share the music video with you Friday at 10 am CT.”

Several fans shared their excitement in the comments. “Kenny, again you amaze me!! Thanks for sharing your talent!!”

Another fan praised Chesney for the meaning behind this song. “Thank you for writing a song that represents the women who aren’t in a rush to get married, have kids, settle down, etc. We’re just out here enjoying our lives and being independent.”

Just one more day, Outsiders. One more day and we can all witness the song’s magic in an amazing video by Kenny Chesney.

Kenny Chesney Announces ‘Here and Now’ Stadium Tour

Country music star, Kenny Chesney might have a new music video coming out soon, but it’s also not too late to get your tickets for his “Here and Now” stadium tour! But, if you were looking forward to enjoying the show in Austin, Texas, tickets are sold out. However, the tour continues in several other cities, including Dallas, Texas.

Longtime fans of the singer know that he enjoys performing for fans in huge arenas. But he also revealed in a press release that he enjoys intimate settings, too. Lucky for all fans, the new tour promises a healthy combination of both types of venue.

“There is something about amphitheaters that creates an immediacy that is so intimate,” he explained. “The energy is very different from a stadium show, and it almost opens the songs up in completely different ways. It’s pretty cool to feel that difference between the two kinds of venues. But I can tell you: both are absolutely the greatest sensations in the world.”

“Whether it’s a stadium full of people screaming ‘Noise’ at the top of their lungs, or ‘When The Sun Goes Down,’ or being quieter on ‘You & Tequila,’ or seeing all the lighters and cell phone lights out on the lawn at an amphitheater as people sing that first chorus of ‘Anything But Mine,’ you can sense how much these songs mean to people, and it’s incredible,” he continued.

Be on the lookout, fans! Kenny Chesney’s “Here and How” tour takes off on April 23, 2022 in Tampa, Florida.